• Harbor
  • Dog ID: 17-055
  • Adoption Date:  4/18/2018


April 30, 2018:

Harbor has found his forever home and is enjoying his new fur brother and four legged siblings.

February 25th, 2018:

Harbor here again! It's been a busy few weeks in my life, where do I begin? Well, turns out my clean bill of health wasn't so clean, as I actually had tapeworms. No fun! Once I cleared the tapeworms, I was able to get neutered. Since neutering an older dog can sometimes be more difficult, I developed a hematoma near the surgery location that had to be removed. Needless to stay it was a tough 2 weeks for me. Thanks to my friends at GRRoW, I have been taken care of very well. Aside from all of that, I have been continuing to learn a lot in my foster home. My foster sister continues to show me the ropes, and I really like to be by her side. My favorite things to do are play tennis ball, wrestle with my foster sister, go on walks and hang my head out the car window on nice days. I got to meet a really nice lady who is helping me with some of my behavior, since I can get pretty anxious when I'm not with my crew. She was super nice and now we work on daily training exercises so I can self sooth myself and not get so worked up. Day by day I think I'm getting better at it! All in all, I am the best boy. Or so I am told by everyone I meet!

January 11, 2018:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Harbor. I love introducing myself and meeting new people, dogs, animals, anything! I am a 3.5 year old golden male, and my foster mom says I am the most handsomest boy ever. I love playing tennis ball, and I even give the ball back! I have even been showing my foster sister how to give the ball back. She has been teaching me a few things as well; I like learning from her. She helps show me the ropes and helps calm me down. Where she lays, I lay. Where she goes, I go. I kind of like her. I have been in my new foster home since Christmas Eve, and I am starting to settle in and become more comfortable. I am a bit anxious, I have a hard time sitting still (or staying), but I just love life and don't want to miss out on anything. I have so much love to give, I really enjoy being with my pack. I know how to "sit", and "lay" and I love it when someone calls my name, I come real fast. You never know when there is going to a belly rub when I am called! I get told I am a good boy, a lot. I think thats a good thing, since I get treats and ear scratches when they say "good boy" too. I love attention, it's my favorite thing. All in all I am healthy boy, I just need to put on some weight so I can be big and strong. I am getting a lot of exercise and I love to play outside and go for walks with my foster sister.