• Hannah
  • Dog ID: 16-013
  • Adoption Date:  5/20/2016


June 5th, 2016:

Hannah started her new life with her forever family by jumping in their car for her 2 ½ hour ride and never looking back. After exploring her new surroundings, eating her dinner and bonding with our two girls she landed herself on the floor with her new GRRoW sister, Maddie. Hannah loves playing with Maddie and the neighbor’s golden doodle and you can find them racing around the yard in full dog regalia. She was a little shy of the sprinkler but after watching the other dogs enjoy the fun, it wasn’t be long before she took the leap!
You would think Hannah had been with us for months for how she has fit into our family. She loves to be cuddled and the girls love to read to her. Maddie has found her BFF. She loves her car rides and is well behaved in the car. We are working with a trainer to firm up her obedience training and then will plan on a full summer of fun!
We are so glad she came to our family after such a long wait for just the right little girl!

May 20th, 2016:

Hannah was adopted by a family with two children and another older golden retriever. She has adapted well and is a typical young lady in her new home.

April 22nd, 2016:

Wow, what a difference a few days make in the life of a young, active pup. Hannah (pronounced "anna" with silent "h's") has really blossomed. She has become one of the pack with our two other goldens, she loves the preschoolers and will run circles around them and entertain them, lets them walk her on her leash, and enjoys running in the fields. She has learned "sit" and "come" and, while submissive, has a mind of her own. She will counter surf, steal the pizza off the counter, climb over the baby gate, and generally act like a young golden. She sleeps where she wants to in the evening, but not in the bedrooms and so far has not tried the furniture. She is fast becoming a "velcro" dog who love that we are outdoors so much. She likes only high value treats and will leave the biscuits on the floor. The family that adopts Hannah will have to sign up for obedience training to help her along with commands as she came to us without knowing what to do. Hannah stays active with four walks a day for a total of about 4 mile, so this little one will sleep when you need to rest.

April 20th, 2016:

Hannah arrived at her foster home after several transports. She is a smaller sized golden and is scheduled for a full exam and spay in a week. Understandably, she is a little confused and timid with her new surroundings but very friendly and loves to be petted. Today she will get her first romp in the fields with her two new friends and learn all about Wisconsin spring time. Stay tuned for more information on this little red head.