• Hamish

  • Dog ID: 19-005

  • Surrender Date: 2/25/2019


February 28, 2019:

Hamish has been adopted! Hamish (now Scout) is doing great in his new home! He lives with his mom, dad, and fellow dog sibling. He's having such fun playing with her in the house and bouncing through the snow in their backyard! Scout is a very good boy who loves chewing on any hard bone he can get his paws on and is always ready for mealtime. He loves to snuggle while watching TV which has been very welcomed by mom and dad. We are so happy to have him in our lives!

February 6, 2019:

Hammy is a typical golden puppy. He has been here about two weeks. When he arrived we found he had bilateral ear infections and a bladder infection, so most of our time has been spent on getting healthy and potty/sleep training. He is doing great with potty training and has not had an accident in a few days. He is starting to sit by the stairs by the back door to tell me he needs to go out, and has never had an accident when I've left him home alone in his long-term confinement area, which is a small room with a baby gate. He is also sleeping through the night in his kennel and lets me sleep in on the weekends.

We are also working on life skills like resting patiently behind a baby gate and being comfortable in a kennel. These skills are slightly harder to teach to Hammy than previous dogs I've had because he isn't as food driven as most goldens, but that might develop with age. He thrives off of human and dog interaction and would rather lay in your lap or play bitey-face with his foster sisters than eat his breakfast! Still, he is learning that it is okay to be behind a gate or in a kennel while his foster mom does other things like work on the computer or cook dinner. However, he cries when I leave the house so I'm working on making his long-term confinement area a more positive place! Hammy knows "sit", "touch" (touch his nose to my hand), and is learning "down".

Speaking of playing, Hammy LOVES toys! He has a natural retrieve and will bring any thrown toy back to me, and he likes to tug and chew just like any puppy. Sometimes he chews inappropriate items but he is super easy to redirect to a toy. He has recently discovered the joy of unrolling/shredding toilet paper, so the bathroom is off limits for now. :) In general, he is not at all a naughty puppy, but his forever home will need to be prepared for all of the puppy and adolescence tendencies that are still to come.

Hammy is in his critical period of socialization so we have been slowly introducing him to different people and things like the vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, and lots of paw handling, always making sure he is having a positive experience! So far the only thing I've seen him hesitate with are high traffic streets, so we will work on pairing that with food when the weather is nicer so it does not become a lifelong issue. He has taken on the rest of the world very confidently, including meeting a cat, walking on shiny tile flooring, and meeting someone in a walker (OMG, there are tennis balls on those)! His forever home will need to continue the socialization process, including taking a puppy class taught with positive reinforcement so that Hammy can perfect his manners and play with other puppies.

Hammy is already 20 lbs at 11 weeks so he is going to be a very big boy, so his forever home will need to be committed to continually reinforcing foundation behaviors like not jumping up on people or pulling on the leash as he gets bigger and becomes a rambunctious teenager.