• Goose

  • Dog ID: 18-015R

  • Adoption Date: 1/28/2019


February 11, 2019:

After a very long wait for his perfect forever home, Goose has found his! This sweet boy just wants to be loved. He's a "play all day" kind of a guy and he's found the perfect mom to help him have all of the fun he deserves. In addition to his home "in town," Goose also has a place in the north woods where he will have the opportunity to run and play on land, as well as in the lake, and on it in his pontoon boat. Congratulations, Goose, on finding your best golden life. It took you some time, but you found your right home.

July 13, 2018:

Goose has been in too many homes. He just turned two years old at the end of June and he has been in five homes.

Goose is a loving, people-focused boy who wants to learn new things. He is easy to train and he knows how to sit and wait for food and treats, and he walks well with an easy walk harness. He loves to ride in the car and he just learned how to swim! From afraid of the water to retrieving sticks like a champ – it only took him an hour in the water to become a super swimmer. Goose also has the adorable habit if howling when he hears sirens (not too loud, just a little song).

Goose cannot be around children younger than teenaged-kids and cannot be around cats. He has anxiety related to toys. If there is a toy available, it is his! He was returned to our program because his last home had three very young children.

Goose has two speeds – 1), 110% hard play and 2) couch potato in your lap. He loves to run in his foster home’s fenced in yard, so a physical fence would be great for him. He would probably not be a good candidate for an invisible fence. He loves his people and playing with other young, energetic, non-reactive dogs, as he can be pushy with other dogs (he is too much for geriatric dogs). Goose needs a family who appreciates his love and dedication to his people as well as his goof-ball energy.

Goose is so deserving of someone’s guidance and love. Here’s what he needs:

• An adult-only family (teenagers are fine) that is active.
• No cats (he hasn’t been around cats and he is very attentive to small critters).
• A physical fence so he can burn off energy.
• And/or, another playful, non-reactive dog who doesn’t mind his energy and pushiness.

Goose is an absolute gem! He just hasn’t found the right home yet. If you are an approved adopter, are interested in Goose and meet the requirements for him, let us know.