• Goose
  • Dog ID: 17-038
  • Adoption Date:  9/12/2017
  • Gender: Male


September 19, 2017:

Goose is settling in beautifully. I am amazed that given his age, he's so mild mannered! He showed no signs of anxiety or stress during his transition and has made himself right at home. We love having a walking buddy every day on the way home from school and I've already taken Goose into work with me (I have a dog friendly office). It feels so great to have a family dog again - we didn't realize how much we missed it until having Goose join us!

August 13, 2017:

Goose arrived at our house yesterday. He was tired at first, but eager to interact with us. He met our two Goldens, Chester and Bella, and interacted appropriately with them. Goose walks well on a leash and likes to be near people. He is friendly, and at nearly 75 lbs. and one year old, very playful. He has settled in very well and really enjoys all of the attention he is getting from the dogs and kids. Goose has not met the house cats yet.