• Jordy (Giordano)
  • Dog ID: 16-044PR
  • Adoption Date:  09/16/2016
  • Gender: Male


September 19th, 2016:

Jordy (formerly Giordano) is a typical 17 month adolescent. He can go from sweet as can be, to wild child in about .02 seconds. He’ll go from listening intently to completely ignoring his commands. Sometimes he’ll be napping in the sun then its full throttle Zoomies around the yard with Bailey running alongside.
Jordy and I bonded when I opened the crate door at O’Hare. He came out of his crate giving me kisses that wouldn’t stop. I was pretty much hooked at that moment.
Jordy and Bailey hit it off from the minute they met. It was as if they both met their long lost brother. They are inseparable. Where one is the other is usual right next to him. It’s been great because then the elder states-girl BJ can stay out of the fray.
Jordy has been a delight from the first time he walked into my house. He must have come from a small yard because he would only go between the house and the garage at first. Then he saw Bailey running around the yard chasing balls. His head went up, ears went up, and he took off running! This was the first display of Jordy’s Zoomies. He ran around the full perimeter of the yard, dodged in and out of trees and bushes, ran up one of the steps to the deck and flew off the other! It was quite the sight! It sure made me laugh.
He’s very smart and eager to please. For about 5 seconds. Then something will catch his eye and he’s off again. Golden Wrestlemania has definitely arrived at my house. Two Golden boys both around the age of two is a LOT of energy. I don’t mind. They are just playing and burning off some energy. Except when it’s 5am and they are on the bed and I’m in the middle of the match. The words Duck and Cover come to mind. They are both learning that we do NOT wrestle on the bed though.
Jordy knows Sit, Down, Come, Front, Stop (used during extended periods of wrestling) and Time to Eat. He definitely likes meal time. When he came to us from PR, his records said he needed prescription food. That turned out to not be the case. The boy eats anything with no side effect. Yes, that includes grass, flowers and the occasional branch.
Jordy has seemed at home here right from the start and now he is. As I told him, it’s all good from here buddy.

August 15th, 2016:

Giordano, Jordy for short, arrived at O’Hare airport from Puerto Rico late Thursday night. As soon as the awesome folks at the airport brought him out he had his tail wagging and his tongue out for kisses. I don’t think either has stopped yet. He made it to our house about 1 am so introductions were postponed until much later Friday morning. All went well and he became instant friends with the resident 2 year old Golden boy. The 13 year old Golden matriarch just rolled her eyes like “Really? Again?” followed by a heavy sigh. By afternoon the two boys were having a great game of Zoomies around the back yard. Jordy has some pretty good moves! Later that afternoon he had his checkup with Dr. Sue and was given a clean bill of health. No heartworm, no parasites, no lumps or bumps. Just a happy, healthy 16-month old boy. He had a great night’s sleep and was raring to go this morning. He had his first Kong, found a squeaky ball and a patch of mud to roll in. The boys finally stopped their puppy play long enough for me to share Jordy’s journey so far with you! Both are now sound asleep at my feet with their heads together. What an amazing boy! Stay tuned for more of Jordy’s Journey!!