• Gabby
  • Dog ID: 16-006


May 6th, 2016:

Gabby is officially adopted and is another GRRoW success! She is living the high life with her new family where she is the only dog and is showered with love and attention. She gets lots of play time, lots of walks, and even gets to go up north where she can enjoy the Great North Woods on a regular basis.

March 7th, 2016:

Gabby is an easy-going girl and has been a wonderful addition to our family over the past several days. She loves attention and gets very excited to play, go for a walk (2-3 times a day), or just be outside. We got her a rope toy, and now her favorite game is tug of war.

When we’re out, she can move freely about the house and hasn’t gotten into any trouble yet. She rarely barks, and she has the potty drill down pat. When we come in she will either sit or lay down to make it easier to wipe her paws.

Gabby has been to the vet and is up to date on shots and all screens. Her senior panel bloodwork came back great, and a lump on her front let was just a fatty tumor. She was working on her back end, so her anal glands were expressed. The weeping from her eyes is within normal ranges, so we simply continue to wash them every day or every other day with a moist cloth.

We are OK with her wanting a lot of attention, but we need to work with her on keeping her paws to herself and to stop standing on her hind legs and putting both front feet on you.

Overall, Gabby is a great girl. Love her to pieces.

February 21st, 2016:

Gabby came into GRRoW last Thursday. At first, she was very stressed out, but now she's settling into her foster home very nicely. She is enjoying her daily walks and gets along with the resident Golden. Her vet visit is scheduled for tomorrow. . . stay tuned for more updates on Gabby.