• Dog ID: 14-036

Rozco continues to do really well, he and his Golden Sister have formed a tight bond and where one is the other is not far away.  "Fozzy" as I have taken to calling him now that his coat has grown back and with the addition of thyroid meds is beautiful, is so good with people and other animals, he adores my grandson, is very polite in his greetings with all people and lately he has been smiling for me when I come home from work.  He did this before, but it is more frequent and animated these days.  I truly feel he knows he has found his forever home and is truly settled into our life, and routines.  I have taken him on a few visits to an assisted living facility here in town and plan to take him periodically from now on.  We just have to be careful that none of the walkers have tennis balls on them.  He is a tennis ball freak, well any ball for that matter.

We can't thank GRRoW enough for bringing this beautiful boy into our lives.

Fozzy's Forever Family