• Fergus

  • Dog ID: 18-023

  • Adoption Date: 8/1/2018


January 9, 2019:

Hello! Fergus, aka Gus, is doing really well! He is on point with his weight and eating normally and is a snuggly floppy puppy. He adores going to the dog park and running around with his big brother or snuggling on a couch. He is always a goofball, and seems to have an endlessly positive personality. He is such an awesome dog and we are very lucky!

August 16, 2018:

Hi everyone, Fergus again! I am adjusting well to life in my forever home. I have been eating great and love hanging out with my big brother. He looks just like me only a different color! We had a blast swimming in the lake and playing on the beach recently, and my forever family is so overjoyed and thankful to GRRoW for helping us become a family.

August 9th, 2018:

Fergus here! I am so excited to tell everyone that I have found my forever home! I am so happy to be where I belong, and I have a canine brother to play with too! I have only been with my family a short while, but I felt like I was home them moment I walked in the door. I am still getting used to my forever home, but I am happy and surrounded by love. Stay tuned for an update after I have settled in a little more!

July 16, 2018:

Hi everyone, it's me, Fergus! I am here to tell you I have made a TON of progress! I now love to play with all kinds of dog toys. I love to chew on rubber balls and bones as well as rams horns (my foster sister's favorite too). I am very good with sharing toys and I don't resist at all if someone takes a toy away from me. The biggest accomplishment of this week though is that I have gotten my appetite back and I am eating my dog food!! This makes my foster parents very happy! They decided to try something new called Natural Balance to see if I liked it better, and I do. Foster mom has been giving me 2 cups for breakfast and 2 cups for dinner, but sometimes is takes a little coaching for me to stay focused and finish my meal.

The doggie doctor says I have recovered from my neuter surgery with no issues. I no longer get startled by surprise noises, and I jump into the car on my own and then I wait to be prompted to jump out. I'm told I am doing pretty well with car rides and every time I get to go for a ride I seem to have less anxiety.

My foster mom and dad are helping me with my isolation anxiety, and I am improving every day! Sometimes they test me by leaving me at home with my foster sister for short periods and it has been going well. I still get into a little trouble (which is very typical of a puppy of my age) with chewing on the door mats, but they say they have seen a big improvement in me!!

I really like to have plenty of time to socialize with other dogs and run off leash outside. Even though I like to run and play, I am still very gentle around people.

My foster parents are sure that I will make a wonderful, loving companion and I can't wait to find my forever home.

July 1, 2018:

Hello everyone! I am Fergus! I have been with my foster family for a few days now and I'm told I lam very cuddly and lovey dovey. I have been very quick to figure out how to walk on the leash and potty outside, and I love to go on walks! I have a golden foster sister right now, are we are getting along well. I have to admit, I was a little timid in the beginning, but now we are starting to cuddle and play together more. I am also starting to figure out the joys of chew toys. I like to get all the toys out of the basket and spread them out in the living room, but ropes are my favorite! My foster mom says I am pretty thin and a bit of a picky eater, but we are working on that. I am getting the hang of eating regular dog food with some really good stuff mixed in which makes my foster sister very jealous. Well, gotta to go for now, I can't wait to fill you in on all my new experiences and adventures, so stay tuned!

We have also been working on crate training. Being confined scares Ferg, but he is very eager to please and is learning that the crate is nothing to be afraid of. We see huge improvements every day. He sleeps through the night in his create next to our bed and only whines a little in the morning when he is ready to get out.

All in all Fergus is a very sweet boy!