• Emma

  • Dog ID: 19-010

  • Adoption Date: March 23, 2019


April 27, 2019:

Just wanted to send another update on Emma. She is doing so well! She has been such a joy and is showing off her personality more and more each day. She is becoming our shadow and follows us everywhere we go throughout the house! We can't say enough how much we love her and are happy to have her be a part of our family. I attached a pic of her enjoying one of the many bones we have for her and Cooper :)

April 11, 2019:

Emma has already become such a huge part of our family! She is such a sweet and gentle soul. She started out quite skittish of most things in our house such as sudden movement, noises, the laminate flooring, and the stairs down to the basement. However, in the short few weeks we have had her she has really started to feel more comfortable and is not afraid to explore and romp around the house! She loves hanging out with her fellow golden big brother Cooper, lazy days sleeping at our feet or on the couch, and really likes to go on walks. She has even started to chew one of the many dog bones in the house. Emma has already brought so much joy into our lives and we couldn't be happier. We look forward to seeing her continue to grow and we love her so much!

February 21, 2019:

Emma is very social and loves her foster sisters. She is excellent with other female dogs. Emma has figured out how to use her nose to stick under my hand so that she gets attention and extra pets. She is pretty much a couch potato. She does love to watch tv. She sees the movement and will sit and stare at the screen to follow images. She is on the fluffier side so we are trying to watch her figure. Emma is crate trained and will go into her crate very easily. She gets fed in her crate as her foster sister will eat her food if it is left out in the open. She is house trained already and goes in and out of the house with ease. She does have a little difficulty walking on hardwood floors so we laid out extra rugs for her. This little girl is just a peach. She is on the lighter side and has a pure white streak of fur on her shoulder. I am working with her to engage with toys and retrieve balls. Have not gotten too far on this yet. She also loves the outside snow and will run around the yard playing with her sisters.