• Dog ID: 15-024
  • Adoption Date:  8/14/2015
  • Gender: Male


July 31, 2015 Update:

Duke is so dang big he can be intimidating to people that don't know dogs! He is taller and longer than most Goldens, but very sweet. He really wants to please but it can come across as being a pest and hyper (which he can be at times too!) He knows when he wants us to get up in the morning and will not cease until we get up and take him for his hike!

Duke gets bumps like hives and these come and go, so it's very hard to identify a cause. We did switch his food, which has made a tremendous difference. He does also use allergy medicine for his itching eyes. At times, I have to physically stop him from rubbing his eyes raw on whatever he can, concrete trees couches... He needs to have those pills on a set schedule.

He is great with our golden and they now play together nicely. He has also become very protective of our family. I think he's watching out for us as much as we watch out for him. He makes a total change in posture and barks if he see's something on our night walks. We have coyotes in our neighborhood and our dog always knows they are coming because she glues herself to my leg. She now sticks close to Duke when she smells them and he gets his dander up!

I think he has shows great potential. He's a very smart boy, but still a bit unsure of himself. Duke is coming out of his shell and is showing us what he really wants to be. He was very insecure when he got here and has settled in nicely. I think his allergies are going to be a part of him and his forever home will need to manage the medication. Whoever handles his allergy needs properly, will end up with the best dog they could ever hope for. He acts like a puppy when he is in between allergy medication. He is good with people, kids and other dogs. Don't know about cats!

July 13, 2015 Update:

Duke just had his last twice per day steroid pill, his eyes are much better and he is being a perfect gentleman. Two to three mile walks left him pretty tired at first, but he's gotten much better and wants to go again! He's actually giving me some slack on the leash now that he knows his territory.  The guy has some quirk's, but we all do. He circles chasing his tail and bites it when he catches it, but our dog stops -distracts him. He has now had a bath and trim and is looking good. He's just a gentle giant.

July 3, 2015 Update:

Duke is new in foster care and has some allergy problems that will be addressed. More to come soon.