• Ditka
  • Dog ID: 16-010
  • Adoption Date:  5/20/2016


May 25th, 2016:

Ditka makes us laugh every day and also tries our patience, but he is still a puppy after all! We started dog training classes last week and he did really good, and we went to the Sauk County Humane Society annual Paws Walk and Festival. He got to meet lots of other dogs and people too! He did great, and got lots of attention and everyone fell in love with him. He is learning lots of new stuff, especially how to be more patient and calm. He is loving his fenced in back yard and the baby pool for him to cool off in. He mastered our steep stairs to the basement this weekend and now likes to go downstairs where it is nice a cool! He knows he has found his forever home!

May 20th, 2016:

Ditka was adopted by his foster home.

April 24th, 2016:

Ditka is continuing to learn lots of new things and catches on quickly! He got a thumbs up at his last appointment, he healed nicely from his neuter surgery. He is now completely up to date on shots, so hopefully no more vet visits for this boy for a while. He continues to have endless energy and springs in his legs, so daily exercise is a must. Since he loves to run but is not the best at recall yet, I road bike with him next to me on the leash and he did wonderful…this will help drain some of his puppy energy! He is loving our fenced in back yard, bounces around with a toy in his mouth while we are outside working. He has been a little itchy lately, so we are monitoring for now, but good news is the more tired he is, the less he scratches! We are working on his manners as he can be pushy and stubborn when he wants to, but continued training will help with this. He has that lovable golden personality and with his big dark brown eyes, he can melt your heart with just one look. He has put on a few pounds in the last few weeks, but still has that slender puppy build and springs in his legs that he uses to try and get your attention. I can honestly say I have never seen a golden jump as high as this guy can! 

April 2nd, 2016:

Ditka’s surgery went fine on Thursday, and by Friday morning he was back to his excited, exuberant self! He is wearing the E cone which he hates. He needs to learn better manners but catches on quickly, his puppy exuberance gets in the way though. He has mastered heeling and sits immediately when we stop on our walks. He knows how to shake now and it getting better at patiently waiting for his food bowl to be set down on the floor. He meets other dogs on our walks and does fine. Sometimes when he meets people he crouches down on the ground like he is scared, but eventually warms up to them. He does not know what a bath tub is! I have been putting treats in the tub and trying to coax him in. After about 2 days of trying I got him to put his front paws in, then finally he broke down and the third day and jumped in…yeh… now I will work on shutting the shower door and running a little water in the tub. He is also very skiddish with noises. The neighbor was wheeling his recycle container out to the alley and Ditka totally freaked out and took off with me at the end of the leash getting dragged behind. We are working with him on that also and he is not so fearful any more. When we walk, he gets freaked out if there is noise, traffic or it is windy. He loves to watch television….such a goofy boy! Still cannot get him to go down the stairs, the most we have been able to accomplish is getting his front paws on the second step but his back paws will not leave the landing…he will get there some day…we hope! I could go on and on about this boy, he makes us laugh every day with his truly golden personality and his very tender sole. The bottom line is…..he needs a calm, quiet home that can work with him and provide lots of exercise, training and love.

March 20th, 2016:

Ditka has been in his new foster home for a week now and is settling in more and more every day. He has that sweet lovable golden personality and all he wants to do is please. He is young so has lots of energy to burn. He is getting 2-3 walks a day and short training sessions after each walk since his attention span is pretty short right now. He is curious about everything and has a lot to experience. He does startle easily when vehicles go by so we are introducing noise and activity slowly. He does get excited easily but learns quickly that he must settle down before he gets what he wants. His goofy personality makes us laugh every day and his big brown eyes will melt your heart. His first visit went great, he is the picture of health! Stay tuned for updates on this golden boy!