• Dewey

  • Dog ID: 16-011

  • Gender: Male


May 3, 2019:

It has been just over 3 years since we adopted Dewey. When he came to us he had skin issues and was diagnosed with Cushing's. Since that time he has been the perfect dog for our family. He has been a playmate for some of the fosters here when they came over for dogsitting. He is a companion to our cats. He is a perfect gentleman and has all of our hearts. A couple of months ago we noticed a bump on his back shoulder. During his routine vet visit we asked them to check it out. It was cancer.

He has since had that removed and it was sent for pathology. Although they got clean margins and feel he is cancer-free at the moment, the pathology confirmed that the tumor was a hemangiosarcoma. This is an aggressive type and he needed further treatment to ensure that he leaves us due to old age and not cancer. Dewey has started a chemotherapy treatment program. It has not been easy for him with his Cushing's and the chemo attacking his immune system. He has remained a perfect gentleman and is good for fetch or a snuggle, whatever you prefer. Dewey will be 12 in July and with this treatment we all believe that he will get to see at least 14 and everyday will count!

August 30th, 2016:

Dewey is always a gentlemen and his boyish energy and looks don’t give away his almost 9 years. When he meets new people they ask, “How old is the puppy” and are surprised to learn his age. Since we’ve had him he’s been through some tough times but he has had a positive attitude throughout. When Dewey arrived, he exhibited symptoms of Cushing’s disease. He went through a number of blood tests and an ultrasound that confirmed that diagnosis. He was put on oral medications and now his Cushing’s is under control. Unfortunately this disease makes him more susceptible to skin infections. With this humid weather, he developed both yeast and fungal infections on his skin causing him to lose a lot of fur and have large patches of large flaking skin. He was itching terribly. We have worked through a few different rounds of tests and treatments. And, he seems to also have general allergies for which he is being treated with Apoquel. We are happy to report that the skin infections have cleared; the skin on his belly is now a nice pink color, he is comfortable, and his fur is growing back. If the medical issues weren’t enough, when Dewey first arrived he (and I) was attacked by an off-leash dog during our walk in the neighborhood. True to his personality he did not fight back and was back to his normal self once we got home. However, he remains nervous with dogs he does not know, as would I! Dewey is great with new people and he lights up with children. In particular those that climb all over him! Dewey continues to be affectionate and enjoy his feline housemates, with whom he is willing to share the bed (see new photos). He will patiently wait for a chance to swim or fetch a ball, his two favorite things in life. He rarely barks or makes a noise. He is a great snooze for the alarm clock. Once he hears it go off, he is there to nudge you awake for his morning walk. He is an all-around great dog with a lot more to give his family.

May 9th, 2016:

Meet Dewey he’s 8 years and 9 months with a happy attitude. He is a very sweet and well-mannered boy. When he came to us the first thing we did was give him water and food. We learned quickly that his thirst is insatiable that he drank so much he had a few accidents in the house. We took him to the vet for his check-up and have confirmed that Dewey has Cushing’s disease. He has started his medication and look forward to some resolution to his insatiable thirst and some dry skin on his belly. After a little over him being on his meds, we have noticed a reduction in his water consumption and skin condition. Another symptom of Cushing’s that Dewey doesn’t have is extreme hunger and overeating. While Dewey begs and will try to get anything you have in your hands, he will not eat his own food. He needs coaching to eat and will leave his food to sit all day. So, we switched his food to another high quality diet and while he still needs a little convincing at times, he is doing much better eating and seems to like this food much better. We had checked his teeth/gums at his vet check and they are fine. Right now we are working on him taking treats a little more gently. He can get too excited and nip fingers while taking treats, but he’s getting better all of the time.

Dewey’s temperament is wonderful. He has adjusted quite well and will be a wonderful dog for someone. He is trained to know his name, does not bark at the doorbell, new visitors, people outside or really anything. He doesn’t jump on people or furniture. He doesn’t lick faces, even when asked to give a kiss. He walks beautifully on the leash ignoring birds, other dogs/walkers/runners, or any other distractions. We are working on not pulling so much. He will not go poop in the grass unless there are no other options. He has been trained to go in “the rough”. He is a fetch dog. He loves to play with balls and will fetch until he’s tired. Right now while he’s not feeling well it is isn’t very long until he’s tired, but we’re hopeful his energy will pick up when he’s been on his medication longer. He is not a crate dog. For now he spends time while no one is at home in a bedroom. He LOVES his three cat friends and they like him. He also has enjoyed the kids that have come over to visit or those that he’s come across on walks.

We will be taking Dewey back to the vet for a recheck on his meds and will keep everyone updated on this wonderful guy.

April 13th, 2016:

Dewey entered GRRoW earlier this week. We'll have more to tell you about Dewey as he settles into his foster home.