• Dakota
  • Dog ID: 18-028
  • Adoption Date:  7/5/2018


July 15th, 2018:

Dakota has found her forever home.

June 23, 2018:

Dakota is very similar to her fuzzy sister Gracie, so very sweet with the prettiest face and soft eyes. When her fur grows back in (she had an unfortunate haircut before she came into Grrow), she will be just as curly, fluffy and pretty...and will probably have a terrifically funny beard since her whiskers fan out on her chin more. She is very submissive with other dogs, but is not afraid to push her way to the front for attention. She just wants to please and be loved. She finds a way to be as near to a human as possible and seems so very thankful to be rescued. She has a very "lab-like" personality...and is very laid back for her young age. She also stood so still and was so patient getting a bath and ears cleaned. She has met a couple older kids/teen. Unknown about very young children.