• Copernicus
  • Dog ID: 18-017
  • Adoption Date:  7/20/2018


August 4, 2018:

Copernicus Update! I am SO happy to tell everyone that I have found my forever home, or should I say they found me! I am such a lucky dog to have lots of love and attention. My mom was super excited when my ID tag came in the mail, it has my name and address on one side, and "Squirrel Cop" on the other, I'm told I am the best squirrel hunter ever! I am enjoying my new family, I am always by grandpa's side making sure he doesn't get in to any trouble (ha ha). My human sister comes home to visit and I get so excited, 'cause we are best buds! In my free time I snuggle in the living room chair with my toys and keep an eye on what's going on. I get to spend time by the lake with my family, and guess what! I even get to go out to dinner with everyone at an outdoor restaurant near by. I got lots of attention and I was a very good boy. Hopefully I will get to go again soon. All in all, I think I am the luckiest golden on earth, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers at GRRoW!

July 6, 2018:

Hey Everyone. It's Copernicus again. My foster parents made me get neutered last week (meanies!) but I was so happy when it was over and foster mom said I didn't even act like I was in any pain. What HAS been a pain is not playing for a week and a half to let my surgery site heal. I did go for walks, worked on training and chewed a lot. I get to play my favorite game tomorrow- fetch. I am going to want to play hard but I'm guessing my foster parents will make me take it easy. Foster mom says I've been a bit "mouthier" since I haven't been able to play but I'm gonna stop that now that I can play again. I am really working hard on learning not to use my teeth on humans and on my other bad habit....wanting to chase cars. I'm getting better but have more training to do on these things. I have tried all sorts of cool chew treats and my favorite is antlers. They are so yummy! I also really like bully sticks too. My foster humans tell me that I'm such a sweet boy with lots of love and energy to give a family. Thank you GRRoW for helping me.....I'm having a great time!

June 21, 2018:

Hi everyone. It's me, Copernicus. I have officially been at my foster home for almost 2 weeks now. I've had lots of fun and have made soooo many dog friends. I play with Ted the neighbor Golden really well because he's my age and we really know how to wrestle. I even played well with a young Golden puppy who was only 3 months. Foster mom was really proud of how I knew to be gentle. I'm feeling really good because my skin infection has mostly cleared up - thank goodness because my foster parents had to give me these awful baths every other day. I was at the doggy doctor today and she said I don't have to do them anymore but I do have to take some pills for a bacterial infection now. Geez! I am also Lyme positive but that doggy doctor said I am not sick from it and doesn't expect I will be. I heard them saying that I will be "neutered" next week. I hope that means I will get "new" toys and treats. And speaking of treats, my foster parents have been working hard on training with me which means I get a LOT of treats. I am really good at sit, down and I'm getting better at stay. I start flag training in my yard tomorrow because I really like to chase birds and squirrels. I have also gotten better at walks but I sure need my harness. Otherwise I really pull. We have been also been working hard on nice walking. I will get it.....I know I will. I'm just a cute puppy and need time, right? Foster mom says I'm a totally normal Golden Retriever puppy and the cutest one she's ever seen. What do you think?

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June 7, 2018:

My name is Copernicus! I just started a new chapter in my young life and love my foster family. The very first day I arrived they gave me 3 brand new toys to play fetch with, so I am having a ball! I get to go for walks and even short runs too! I have toys to play with and my foster parents say I am happy as a clam. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I get to go on new adventures and meet new people, play fetch until I can fetch no more, it's all very exciting! I will be visiting the vet soon to have them look at a red spot on my skin. I heard that if I am good I will get lots of attention and treats too! I can't wait! I will keep everyone updated on my new adventure!