• Clifford
  • Dog ID: 17-025
  • Adoption Date:  9/17/2017
  • Gender: Male/Neutered


September 30, 2017:We went to the vet on Tuesday, and they're both in generally good health. Angel's ear infection has returned, so we have her on an antibiotic, and both she and Cliffy are taking a "seasonal"allergy medication. Our vet, Dr. James Pape at Heritage Animal Hospital in Greenville, said that we can see if this medication gets them through this allergy season, and then go from there. Angel has a follow-up appointment in two weeks to check her ears.

They sure were goofballs at the vet. First they were excited, then they laid down, and they were perfect with Dr. Pape. He said Cliff is a real character, which he is. These two dogs are superstars, and we are all doing very well. They love to go for rides and walks. Angel still likes her ball, but she's not as obsessed as she was, and we are continuing to work with her on that. The other day, we couldn't find Cliffy anywhere, and finally, after we hollered for him out back, he popped his head up out of the compost crate at the end of the yard. Somehow, he jumped in there, and was having a picnic on corn cobs. It was funny, but we are keeping him out of there anyway, because we don't want him to eat anything that will make him sick. What a goof.

They seem happy, and even though I know they miss you, I think they are enjoying life here. My nephews love to play frisbee with them, and can actually wear them out. We love them very much, and we thank you for helping us find them!

September 11, 2017:

I am ready to find my own home!!! Clifford is a keeper. He is wonderful with all dogs, cats and kids. He is very relaxed in the house and loves to be petted and brushed. He does well off leash in our yard and doesn't chase anything. He is only on Zyrtec once a day for seasonal allergies. Today we found out that he can swim!!! He likes to retriever balls in addition to his soccer ball. At first he was tentative about doing much in the water at all. He saw the other dogs retrieving so he decided to give it a try. He loved it.  

August 13, 2017:

Clifford is doing very well. His skin infection is totally cleared and his skin looks very good. He spent five days at another volunteers home and he did very well. He is attached to me ALOT. He follows me everywhere and looks for me when I am out of site. He enjoys a good walk but his are shorter than Angels. He has arthritis in his elbow and wrist. Apparently, he had a break in one of his wrists when he was young. He has a bony lump at that spot. It is the wrist with arthritis in it. He is not in any pain from it at all. 
Status :: in foster care

July 15, 2017:

Clifford came in with his bonded sister, Angel. Clifford is truly a big red dog. He definitely needs to lose some weight. The funny thing is he doesn't eat very much. Otherwise he is in pretty good shape. He does have a growth on his left leg that we will definitely get checked out. He came in with a large hot spot on his neck from his collar. He got a bath right away. Boy did he stink. He did pretty well with brushing too. He does get a bit nervous with thunderstorms. If I ignore him, he lays back down and goes to sleep.

He lived with seven children!!!!!!! He does well with all ages. He also gets along with all dogs. He loves to play soccer. Doesn't fetch much with a tennis ball. He prefers his big ball. He also likes to play tug. He is very much a toy dog. Between him and Angel the toy basket gets emptied every day. He does very well with the dog door. You can tell he has used one before. However, my husband locked it shut and Clifford could not get into the house. He chewed some siding off trying to get into the house. My hubby learned a good lesson.....