• Adopted date: February 4, 2015
  • Dog ID: 14-059


March 10, 2015 Update:

We adopted Cinnamon at the beginning of February. In mid-December a Good Samaritan found her abandoned and turned her over to GRRoW. Not knowing her name her foster mom named her Cinnamon because of her coloring. It fits perfectly and she responds to it all the time. By looking at her teeth our veterinarian thinks she is three or four years old. She is very loving and wants to cuddle all of the time. She plays very well with our 8 year old golden. They love to wrestle and play tug of war. Our 14 year old golden is happy just to watch and move out of the way when necessary. Cinnamon does not like to go outside by herself or even with our other two dogs.  I think that she’s afraid she’ll be left outside. Either my husband or I (or both) always go out with her. Once in a while she’ll run through the yard chasing the other dogs but most of the time she wants to go right back into the house. I’m anxious for it to warm up so we can play outside with her.  I’ve tried to take Cinnamon on walks twice. It was not very successful. I don’t know if she’s ever been walked on a leash before. We just walked around the block. She pulled and wanted to go up the sidewalk and driveway to every house we walked by, I think to get inside. She did not want to be outside. She is on anti-anxiety medicine and we hope to decrease the dosage over a period of time. Cinnamon does two really cute things. First, when she wants to see what’s behind her she doesn’t turn her head right or left, she tips her head back, nose straight up. Also, she loves to lie on her back, legs up in the air. And it’s even better if she gets a belly rub. Overall this adoption has been very rewarding.