• Christina
  • Dog ID: 17-026
  • Adoption Date:  11/02/2017


November 6, 2017:

Christina is settling in to her new home where she gets all the love and attention from her humans. 

October 24, 2017:

Tina has healed from her spay surgery and is ready to be adopted. Though a fenced in yard would be ideal for sitting out and soaking up some rays, she has been doing fine with the cable we use.
Tina has done great with the kids she’s met while selling Community Days books. With her resource guarding for prized items like bully sticks, she would do best in a home with kids 10 or older. We haven’t had the opportunity to teach her to trade, but I’m sure she would easily learn that.
Tina has had basic training, and she would benefit from more. She’s very smart and catches on quickly. She is still a puppy and chews. Most of the time she makes the right choice by picking a toy. One of her favorite wrong choice items is socks. We continue to crate Tina when we aren’t home.
Though Tina’s energy level isn’t that of a typical one year old puppy, she gets excited when I get her harness out to walk every day. We have skipped a day when it was raining, and it didn’t bother her. We’ve never skipped two days, though. She’ll walk fine until she sees a rabbit. She’ll get very excited and will focus on it. A small tug of her leash gets her back on track.
We took Tina swimming while it was still warm out, and she had a fun time jumping the waves. We keep her on a long line when she goes swimming.
Tina’s doing well with her limited ingredient diet. With that and her daily Zyrtec, her scratching is minimal. She eats well and has gotten used to the vegetables, fish oil capsule, and spoonful of coconut oil I mix into her food. She’s good at eating around the Zyrtec, so I started putting it in the coconut oil. My vet said she is at a healthy weight. She is leggy, so some people think she’s too skinny.
Tina has a lot of love to give. She does great with her foster sisters, and they all sleep together at night. She would thrive in a home where she is the only dog and received all the attention. She would probably do well in a home with a laidback, older dog. Though she has tried playing with some of the younger dogs who came to Boston Store, it would have to be a the right match. Are you the right home for her?

September 19, 2017:

Tina, as we call her, has been with us a little over two weeks. She’s getting along great with our dogs, and she’s starting to play with our youngest. Tina would do very well in a home with a laid back dog or being the only one.

Even though she’s a year old, Tina doesn’t have as much energy as a typical puppy and calms down easily. Walking has been a bit of a challenge because Tina loves to chase after bunnies and squirrels. She walks fairly well with her harness, but we walk when it’s dark while the squirrels are still asleep to help with the pulling when she sees her fury friends (unfortunately, bunnies don’t sleep in). She will continue to need at least one walk a day once she is adopted.

Tina takes a Benadryl in the morning and evening to help with her allergies. Though she scratches a little more, they don’t bother her. Because they are so minimal, she hasn’t been tested to see if they are seasonal or food related. I have put her on a limited ingredient diet just in case it is food, and she’s been enjoying coconut oil and pumpkin mixed into it. She doesn’t like pills, so they need to be hidden in food. She is a smart girl and has been known to lick around the pills and drop them outside her bowl.

Though she is in a crate when we aren’t home, we try to limit Tina’s time in it. We block off the bedrooms at night, and she sleeps with the other dogs. Being a puppy, she will try chewing on things she shouldn’t. For the most part, she will grab a toy to play with before something inappropriate.

We brought Tina to Boston Store to sell the Community Days coupon books, and she loved all the attention. She was on her best behavior with everyone and didn’t jump up. She does exhibit resource guarding when she has a prize like a bully stick, though I am able to put things in her bowl while she’s eating. She also lets the other dogs around her when she’s eating. She still needs to gain some weight, so we don’t let them get close enough to eat her food.

Tina has an appointment to be spayed later this month and will be available for adoption once she has healed.

August 18, 2017:

Christina is now available for adoption. She would like to be the only dog in a home where she can get all the love and treats. She does chase cats (but doesn't hurt them). She is currently in puppy school and knows basic commands. She walks well on leash. She will need additional training as we are working with her to teach her that things like counter surfing are not ok! Christina would do best in a home where she is the only dog, any children are over the age of 10 and the family has time to continue her training. Her adoption fee is $450 and adopters will be required to sign a spay contract and pay a deposit of $400 (that will be returned upon proof of spay). Spay costs will be paid by GRRoW. If you are interested in learning more about Christina and fit these criteria, please complete a pre-adoption application.

August 1, 2017:

Ten month old Christina arrived shy and unsure of where the next leg of her journey was taking her. Since arriving she's settled in beautifully. With the guidance of her 10 month old foster sister, she's learning how to be a happy, playful pup. Since her arrival Christina has discovered some of great joys of life: getting brushed is heavenly, car rides are exciting, drinking from the hose is fun and bathes really aren't that bad. Last week we attended our first training class and she was a calm, cool and collected pro by the time it was over. We're working on a few "rough edges" like counter surfing isn't ok just because she can reach it, if the cat runs in the house doesn't mean she has to chase him, when her foster mom leaves the room it's ok because she'll come back and it's not polite to take toys from her foster sister when she's playing with them. It's been a privilege to help Christina blossom into becoming a happy, confident wonderful dog!

July 10, 2017:

Christina was a little bit shy when we met her to bring her home, but quickly warmed up and made herself comfortable at our house. She made friends with both of our cats the first night here! We've been on many walks to burn off puppy energy and she's learned many new things: garage door openers are kind of scary, don't step on storm sewer grates, vacuum cleaner is fun to follow, and frogs in the pond are loud! Gets along well with our dogs and all dogs she's met so far. Loves cats! Good with people! Will make a great active family dog!!