• Cheddar
  • Dog ID: 15-039


November 16th, 2015:

We are happy to report that Cheddar has been adopted!  Way to go Cheddar!

November 3rd, 2015:

Cheddar continues to win us over with her sweet ways. She is a Velcro golden who wants to be with people. She enjoys wrestling with our golden and playing tug of war. It is hard to believe that Cheddar is 10 years old, she has the energy of a younger golden. She has met several other neighborhood dogs and seems to gravitate more towards male dogs but given a slower introduction to females she is fine. We have been brushing up on a few of her commands (leave it, wait, down and heel) and she has done very well. She enjoys walks and is attentive. Speaking of brushing, she loves to be brushed and stands patiently. We don’t have a fully fenced in yard, so at this time she has been on a long lead in the yard. I know she would love a fenced in yard of her own but for the most part, she prefers being in the house with people. Cheddar is definitely a water dog. Although our winter cover is on the pool she has figured out that she can walk on the cover and get a little swim. Cheddar wants nothing more than to give and be loved. 

October 17th, 2015:

Cheddar is an extremely sweet girl. We picked her up on Sunday and she was a perfect passenger in our car. She came into our home and immediately fit in. Two days later, she met our golden on neutral territory (a walk) and they have been buddies ever since. The first night we considered crating her but she didn’t like the crate, so we let her sleep in a separate room. After the first few days, we felt confident that there was no need to keep her separate since she gets along great with our dog and two cats. For the most part, she ignores the cats. She has full run of our home and sleeps on the floor next to our bed. Cheddar loves to be petted and scratched and follows us around the house. She knows sit and down but doesn’t always respond the first time. When we call her she comes right away. We are working on “wait” at the door. At this point, she is either in our fenced yard or on a long lead in the yard. She walks nicely on a leash but needs to be reminded that she can’t chase squirrels. Her visit to the vet showed her to be a healthy girl, although she could probably use a tooth cleaning. She had a spa day this week with a bath and trimming. Her coat is soft and cuddly – she’s a pretty girl. She is slightly overweight which can be easily corrected with diet and exercise. She is a mellow girl, who rarely barks and continually shows us affection.