• Dog ID: 15-013
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 years


April 19th, 2016:

Buddy is doing great and continues to adjust well in his new home. Buddy’s loves a long walk where afterwards he waits to be let in the backyard where he showcases his agility by zooming around the yard. Buddy is quick to enjoy snuggle time and any type of pampering sent his way and shares his love with a signature Buddy hug. We’re very grateful to GRRoW for all of their support during the fostering experience and adoption opportunity! 

February 12th, 2016:

After being in foster care for over 6 months due to heart worm disease and lyme's (both of which he has overcome), Buddy was happily adopted by his foster Mom in mid-January.  Congratulations, Buddy! 

December 8th, 2015:

Buddy (aka Sweet B) continues to enjoy the golden life and new experiences that come his way. Recently Buddy was a close up spectator to an unexpected parade of Harley’s at Milwaukee’s lakefront which he sat patiently for until it was time to continue his walk.  Buddy remains easy to please as treats, long walks, & snuggling are just a few of his favorite things. On December 8th Buddy will see the Vet for his 6 month test since his last heart worm treatment where they’ll test for the presence of microfilariae, we are crossing our paws for a good report!

September 7th, 2015:

Buddy is one happy guy as he tested negative for the presence of microfilariae early in July indicating that his injections to treat heartworm were successful! The last step in his treatment plan will be in January where Buddy will have a follow up appointment for an Antigen test to screen for microfilarie. Exercise restrictions are a thing of the past and Buddy able to be the Golden he was intended to be…he enjoys running crazy 8’s in the yard with diligence, swimming, and taking long walks. Buddy is a strong boy and we’re working on managing this on walks as he likes to dart in one direction pulling you behind. Buddy has been receptive to training of all sorts and is a quick learner, aiming to please; he has really adjusted well to his environment and routine and continues to be one Big Sweet Happy Boy!

July 1, 2015 Update:

Everything has been going great for Buddy since his last two heartworm treatment injections on June 7 & 8.  Buddy remains on crate restriction but keeps company with Ducky, his crate mate and favorite toy…when Buddy leaves the crate he turns around and takes Ducky with him.  Buddy hasn’t made the connection that his new best bud is also his favorite treat flavor.  Buddy has been enjoying quiet time outside of the crate in the morning and evening and remains confident that he is a lap dog.  The Bunnies in the back yard have been slow to move as Buddy has been on leash, and will need to be on their best game when Buddy is no longer on the leash restriction when using the yard.  Buddy’s next appointment is on July 6 to test for the presence of microfilariae, we are crossing our paws that the treatment was successful!

May 11, 2015 Update:

Buddy received his first heart worm shot this past Friday.  He is getting use to being crated nearly 24/7 - at first it was full breaks going in but now he is more willing, this morning he even went in freely.  His appetite seems better today at which he was interested in his dog food and ate in the AM and a little in the PM.  Currently he is Prednisone & Tramadol for pain management & inflammation.  Part of his back is shaved as they needed a sterile area to administer the injection.  Very pleased with the Staff at Center for Animal Health and would recommend them for other GRRoW fosters/owners in the area.  Buddy has quite the fan club there with special treatment included.  I had dropped Buddy off at 8:30 am and picked him up at 6:00 pm - they have him stay the entire day for observation after the injection has been made.  His next shots will be June 7th and 8th.

April 25, 2015 Update:

Buddy recently had a vet appointment where we learned of his heart worm treatment plan for the upcoming months.  He was placed on exercise restriction as a preventative & suggested we discontinue his AM & PM walks.  Buddy had always gone #2 on his walks but adjusted well as we celebrated his first #2 in the yard shortly after the restriction was in place.  His first of three injections to treat heart worm will be on 5-9-15 at which we’ll decrease his activity level even further with cage restriction & on leash when using the yard.  Buddy currently enjoys his freedom in the fenced yard to explore & loves a good game of hide & seek with “Foxy” a favorite toy of his. He is a love bug and enjoys giving attention as much as receiving it.

March 6, 2015 Update:

Welcome to GRRoW, Buddy! Please check in later for more info on this new guy!