• Dog ID: 14-060


February 2, 2015 Update:

We have been on the waiting list for over a year, after having adopted our last golden, Maisy, from GrRow 13 years ago.  Although we hadn’t asked for a girl, “Blaze” was offered to us.  Blaze was found on the streets of Milwaukee and was estimated to be about three years old.  We had to be very careful with an adoption because we needed to make sure both our 21 year daughter (who has autism), and Maisy were comfortable with the dog.   Well, we definitely got a keeper!

Our daughter Amy decided to name our new dog Bucky, and he was responding to his new name within a few days.  By the first day, Bucky quickly figured out that Maisy was the “top dog,” and Maisy seems to have accepted him without too much drama.  After a day or two of hesitation, Amy became very comfortable with Bucky, and loves petting him.  Our 16 year old son is thrilled because Bucky probably bonded with him first.  And both my husband and I especially enjoy walking Bucky, because he is so fun to watch.  We live on 36 acres, so we can let Bucky off leash, and he just bounds across the fields with so much energy and enthusiasm.  Overall, we are very pleased with how things turned out and were also pleased that while our wait was long, GRRoW waited till it had just the “right” dog for us.

January 29, 2015 Update:

Just to update you that things continue to go great with Bucky.  We love him and he has bonded with all four family members, and he and Maisy are doing fine with one another.  We have learned the hard way that since Will let him on his bed, he’s helping himself to the other beds in the house, so we are being consistent and vigilant about it being on invite only. That might be too subtle a distinction, we’ll see.  We feel really lucky to have Bucky a new part of our family!  He really is a dear, and oh so gentle.