• Dog ID: 14-017
  • Adoption Date: 04/19/2016


April 19, 2016 Update:

Bruce has finally found the right family for him and it was love at first sight. It was definitely worth the extra time and effort it took to make sure he found the best match for him.

May 4, 2014 Update:

Bruce is looking for a special family that will understand some of his needs.    He is about 4 years old (he was a stray at one point in his life so his exact date of birth is unknown).and approximately 65 pounds.  Not sure what he is mixed with. 

He is a smart dog and likes to push your  buttons.  If you are consistent with training, he learns quickly, but will try to get away with as much as possible if you are not consistent with training.  He gets excited very easily and when over-stimulated, particularly with other dogs, he can get in trouble.  Inside the house he is mildly attention needy - if you are watching tv, he will come over and lay his head on the armrest of your chair and hope to be petted.  A lack of any acknowledgement will cause him to jump up so that he can lay his head in your lap. 

The moment he gets outside, his nose goes to the ground and he will eat anything that smells good to him - and something that has been dead for months smells good to him. He has a high prey drive - so hold on tight to the leash if something moves in the bushes.  Absolutely can't live with cats, rats, guinea pigs, birds,etc.

During walks, he does like to pull on the leash.  He will run if you let him off leash.  A fenced in yard is highly desirable as he will chew through lines if you tie him up.  He needs a moderate amount of exercise. 
He gets very excited when meeting new people - he gets jumpy and a little mouthy - this gets him into trouble.  He needs help with developing the proper manners for meeting people.  Prefer he goes to a house with no children under 10 because of this.

He is a little rude when meeting other dogs.  If you take your time with introductions and stop the interactions when they start to ramp up, he can play fine with others.  He should not live with another dog, as continual exposure, even to the calmest of dogs, overstimulates him.  He is not a dog you can take to dog parks or other high intensity dog areas.
He is a love bug with his human friends.  He enjoys narrow hallways where he can lay on the carpet and push himself away from one wall and then roll over and push himself off of the opposite wall.  He is a character. 

He is hypothyroid which is under control with medication.  Drinks a lot of water during the winter (most likely due to dry heat in the house), so needs bathroom breaks strategically timed.  He is fine the rest of the year. 

August 4, 2014 Update:

Bruce is doing well - starting to get into trouble with a few things - he is a mischievous boy. He has started going through the wastebasket in the bathroom and eating the tissues. He is a love bug that would prefer his days being spent getting belly rubs. He doesn't play fetch - he will go after the ball and then rather than returning it, he will lay down and chew on it. He is very good with stairs. He spends a significant amount of time rubbing himself on the carpeting - prefers a narrow hallway where he can push himself off of one wall and then roll over and push himself back, off of the other wall. He pulls on the leash but this is controlled with a Gentle Leader - although he hates the Gentle Leader. He has a high prey instinct. He is ok with baths although he would prefer not to have them.

Some history

Bruce has had a rough go of it in his short life. He was turned in to a shelter as a stray, adopted, turned into another shelter two days later because he tried to eat the cats, and then has been in several foster homes in GRRoW. The first foster home, both he and the young female dog had just been altered, so hormones were still flying and we had to move him after a couple days. was stashed in a kennel while we found the next one. Then he went to another family that had an older, mellow dog, and after about a week, living with another dog was too much for him and he needed to be moved. back to the kennel. Then he went to a third home without a dog and that worked well for quite some time. Then he started having diarrhea and accidents in the house for no known reason. After several incidents, he was moved back to the kennel. Then to current home and we discovered reason for diarrhea that had been on and off for over a month...he pooped out the remains of a small stuffed animal. we have no idea how long ago he had eaten it, but best guess is a while. The diarrhea seems to be resolved. We also had bloodwork done during this timeframe and discovered he was hypothyroid. So he's been on thyroxine and his coat is looking much better, and he's losing some weight. So on the medical front, we seem to have things under control. Also during this time period, we have been working on his dog-dog issues. He is kind of rude when it comes to doggy skills and language. With the submissive dogs, he tends to do neck overs and mounting, and if the dog doesn't tell him to stop it, he will get himself worked up. He is friendly, but rude. With dogs like him, he tends to initiate play, but as he gets aroused, his rude factor starts to get him in trouble. With dogs that are confident, he will posture and react (best defense is a good offense), and if not handled well, this can easily escalate. He has successfully played with all three types of male dogs like this, but in controlled situations and for limited time with great success. Introducing more than one dog at a time, however, gets him way over stimulated. So, he can be quite good with one dog at a time in supervised conditions, and is smart enough to learn just about anything. That said, he is also smart enough to push buttons and test every thing he thinks he can get away with. He is a diamond in the rough for someone who wants a single dog who's smart enough to be trained as a working dog or just for fun. He just needs continued work and training to lower his excitement with other dogs and keep him under threshold.

Settling in. . .

Bruce was quite stressed out when he first got here, including a bad bout of diarrhea. After a trip to the vet and a prescription, that’s resolving quickly. I’m happy to say that Bruce is now settling in nicely. He loves attention. He’s very affectionate, cannot seem to get close enough to us. At 69 lbs he thinks he’s a lap dog, and follows me around everywhere. He does need to lose some weight, and with proper diet and lots of walks I think it’s very attainable. We are working on leash training, as he does pull a bit, however, once he gets walking, he does settle down. We are using a Gentle Leader Harness as well, which really helps. He’s not very interested in toys, I think though that once he becomes more confident, that will change. Bruce is crate trained, and is comfortable in it. He rarely barks, and when he has to go outside he lets us know by softly whining. Overall, Bruce is a real love bug and we are enjoying him greatly.

Welcome to GRRoW!

Bruce came into GRRoW on February 28 and is getting settled into his new foster home. More to follow!