• Biscuit
  • Dog ID: 16-026
  • Gender: Female


October 10, 2016

Biscuit and Jeleika, fondly known as the girls, have settled into their new home. They love the picture window for the excellent squirrel viewing. They also love the fenced in backyard where two fat rabbits like to hang out. The house has multiple stories for exploring. it truly is dog heaven. And, they are with a loving family who are so excited to have them move in. Biscuit's fur is beginning to fill in. The existing fur has become thick and luxuriant. She was checked out for several diseased that could have made her so sick with mange. But she is a healthy dog who just needed pampering. And, her relationship with Jeleika has been a big part of her recovery. The girls are a wonderful duo. They cause people to smile and laugh and want to take them home. Even the vet was enchanted. The world is a better place with the girls in it.

August 30th, 2016:

Biscuit will become spayed very soon. She is still being treated for mange. The mite that caused all the problems is gone but the skin is slow to recover. She is getting medication for staph and fungal infection. She takes her pills like a champ. She relaxes in the tub for her baths. And, she looks to her very best friend, Jeleika, for love and support. Biscuit and Jeleika have become bonded and will be adopted out to a forever home together. Biscuit has become a loving, mellow, fun dog since coming home to Jeleika. And Jeleika loves Biscuit right back.

July 26th, 2016:

Biscuit is a beautiful english cream golden retriever. Unfortunately, she also has demodectic mange (demodex); it’s left her with blackened skin and fur loss. Demodex is a mite that lives on all dogs. You can see it on a dog's elbows where they have scaly hairless skin. It usually lives in balance on a dog, but can get out of control when a dog's immune system is weakened. Biscuit has been tested for illnesses that could have weakened her immune system, but has been found to be in good health. It is thought that extreme stress in her life prior to surrender caused this mange. The good news is that Biscuit is getting better every day. When she first came to live with us, Biscuit needed to be approached slowly since she was scared of every new thing. She was given her own room. After finding her under the bed, we made a cave for her. A gate was placed in the doorway to help her get used to the household noises and smells. After time, she was ready to join the family. Biscuit has had so much to learn. We have another dog, Jeleika, who we are fostering. Jeleika came to us from Puerto Rico. Jeleika has taught Biscuit much about being a house dog. They have become very close and are now bosom buddies.

July 5th, 2016:

Biscuit was surrendered to GRRoW by a Wisconsin shelter. She has demodectic mange (not contagious to humans or other dogs) affecting a significant portion of her body along with severe ear infections. After surrender, her first stop was the vet where she got antibiotics, some special soothing shampoo, and treatment for her ears. When she arrived at her foster home, she was highly agitated and very growly. Given a couple days to decompress and destress in a quiet place, she is settling in nicely with her foster humans and another resident foster dog. Every day, Biscuit make great strides and her sweetness is coming through. Stay tuned for updates on Biscuit!