• Dog ID: 17-013
  • Gender: Female


May 18, 2017:

Betzie has been adopted!! This sweet, loving girl has found a forever home with her foster family. Betzie had surgery her first few weeks in foster care to remove a large tumor off of her ear, as well as a cyst near her eye. Her recovery was quick and she has been fully healed for a couple of months. Betzie is such a playful pup. Walks and trips to the park are her favorite, and she has even shown off her swimming skills. You will rarely see her without a tennis ball, as she wants to play fetch, catch, or even just hold it while on a walk. Her confidence and affection levels have risen so much, that she will now tell you what she wants with a little bark. Betzie is a 9 year old with a puppy attitude! When she came into foster care, she needed to lose a bit of weight. So far she has lost over 10 pounds and is moving around better and energy levels are up! Congratulations Betzie and enjoy your golden years!

April 25, 2017:

Betzie's Foster family has fallen in love with her and pending final medical clearance will become her forever home. Hurray for Betzie!

April 10, 2017:

Betzie came into foster care on April 10. She is a sweet, loving, docile girl who just wants to love everyone she meets. She has adjusted so well to her foster home. Routine has been wonderful for her. For an older dog, Betzie sure has a ton of energy. Walks may be her favorite thing, as she cannot go to the bathroom without wanting to go for a short stroll. She is wonderful on the leash, but when she tries to maybe go a bit far, a simple "Betzie" will have her coming right back. Betzie came into foster care with an infected tumor on her ear and a cyst below her eye. After first going to the vet, her overall health was good, and a plan to remove the tumor was put into place. The tumor bothers her, but being on antibiotics has really helped. This sweet girl is full of love, has a gentle demeanor, and is overall a perfect family dog.