• Bella

  • Dog ID: 18-045

  • Adoption Date: 5/18/19


May 22, 2019:

Bella went to her forever home on Saturday. She is living on a farmette with two other golden retrievers and bee hives. There is also a trough for the dogs to drink from (instead of a horse trough). As Bella loves drinking water, this is a wonderful thing. Her foster home is missing her sunny, happy presence, but we know that she has now living in an idyllic place and will be well loved.

May 18, 2019:

Bella has found her forever home.

April 24, 2019:

Bella continues to receive treatment for her bowels and skin. She was doing so well with both issues, and her foster home was looking for a forever home for her. Then, she had a setback. Traditional veterinary medicine and Chinese veterinary medicine had only brought her so far. So, the decision was made to try homeopathic medicine. A treatment has been done and her bowels have improved. We are waiting to see how the skin responds. Everyone, keep your fingers crossed. Bella is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s home. She is a happy, fun, loving dog.

March 14, 2019:

Bella changed foster homes in January, in order to have more medical care. She had extremely flaky skin that needed extra vet care to determine the cause. Bella started receiving acupuncture, herbal supplements and special baths to heal her skin. She has been very cooperative, as this skin has been itchy and uncomfortable. And, her skin has much improved. The cause of this problem has not been determined, but the outcome has been welcome. She may always be a little itchy and have a little flaky skin, but it is now at a manageable point. Her coat is thin and she has a baldish area where she was shaved for an abdominal ultrasound, but the fur is slowly growing back.

Bella was started on thyroid medication for her skin. It was determined that this was not in her best interest and the thyroid medication was slowly stopped. She is now off this medication, with no ill effects.

The last medical problem has been resolved, also. Bella was brought into foster care after having bloody stools. She received a lot of medical care for this. Although she has not had any bloody poops since coming into foster care, she does have soft poop more often than not. She does not have accidents in the house. The holistic vet treated Bella for this also with acupuncture and herbs.

Bella is ready for her forever home. She is the sweetest dog with her goofy tuffs of fur sticking out of the top of her head. She loves to be petted, brushed and snuggled. She loves going on walks and is good with other dogs. She likes cats and children. Her sweet disposition wins over all who meet her.

December 23, 2018:

Bella has settled in and is enjoying her new canine and feline housemates. Her GI Panel and fecal exam came back normal. She has been on a course of probiotics, Omega 3 supplements, new food, and a stress free lifestyle.

She continues to have soft poop and sometimes can't make it through a day and she has very flaky skin and her fur is thin. She seems to get cold easily and loves to sit by the fireplace.

This has led us down a path to look at her thyroid. She had a low T4 value and was just rechecked after 4 weeks and it continues to be low. She is now started on a course of thyroid treatment. We will continue to watch and see how this impacts her health, her skin and her stool.

Bella has been a fun girl to have around. She is very cuddly, maybe she's just getting warm, but she loves to be close. She also plays a fun game of dragging around the laundry from the dirty baskets. Every day we are greeted by a pair of pants or a shirt by the door or throughout the house. She loves kids, cats and other dogs.

November 11, 2018:

We have had the pleasure of introducing Bella to our home. She is a confident, laid back girl who has been adapting quickly to her stressful situation. She arrived after spending the night at the UW vet school for blood in her stool and straining. However, we have not seen any evidence of these symptoms. She went to the bathroom several times the first 24 hours and that has cleared and she is back to a normal 2ish times per day. The first few days she was a gassy girl and could clear the room with her toots, but that has been getting better everyday.

Bella loves to snuggle and isn't comfortable unless her head is laying on you or another of our furry family, ahem, including our cats!. She laid her head on our foster failure Dewey the second night and they both fell asleep. That was a good sign they were both feeling ok about the changes in the house. She had never met a cat until she came here and now she has successfully snuggled with each of her 3 new cat friends.

She walks beautifully on a leash and enjoys running around in the backyard and instigating playtime with Dewey. Sometimes she throws herself at your feet onto her back so you can rub her belly. Bella's hair sticks up on top of her head and it gives her a fun permanent hairstyle. She's a very sweet, well-mannered girl.

We're waiting on some additional bloodwork results from the vet school and watching for any additional symptoms.

October 30, 2018:

Bella is new in foster care. More information will follow.