• Adopted date: January 31, 2015
  • Dog ID: 14-054
  • Surrender Date: September 25, 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 11 years


March 24, 2016 Update:

Bella is doing wonderfully! She is such a gift and completes our little family. She loves her cat-brothers and loves to play with their toys! She and her daddy are currently in North Carolina, enjoying our home in Carolina Beach. She runs on the beach every day, keeps the ducks on their toes around the lake and is the Queen of the Town! Now that I’m back from my travels, I’ll be joining them soon. Bella’s health is very good – she just had her annual check up and got 2 thumbs up from the Doctor. Bella has a number of suitors both in Wisconsin and in North Carolina. She’s a very popular girl! 

February 16, 2015 Update:

Bella is doing wonderfully!  She has definitely settled in and made herself quite at home.  She gets along with the cats very well – she’s not aggressive at all and lets the cats come up to her on their terms.  Finn loves her & Punkin has warmed up to her, also.  Just this afternoon, they touched noses without any hissing from Punkin!  I’m waiting for Finn to just curl up on her blanket with her. 

Bella was the star at my parent’s house last weekend – so much so that I think my folks were sadder to see her leave than us.  She’s so gentle with my dad.  She would follow him in his wheelchair wherever he went.  It’s as though she knows exactly what everyone needs at just the right time, whether it be a gentle nudge or a “hey, pet me” kind of action.  She loves her toys she’s very playful, loves to be brushed everyday and is complete joy!  I can’t remember life before her – she’s become a part of our family in such a short time, it’s like she’s always been with us. 

Tomorrow, we’re hoping to take her to the Dog Wash.  She’s been great in the car and went shopping for her own food at a local pet store that sells Fromm’s.  Yesterday, she and my husband went to the car wash and she got a dog treat!  I think the car wash freaked her out a little, but he let her climb up front and she was fine then.