• Bailey
  • Dog ID: 17-003
  • Adoption Date:  5/7/2017


March 16th, 2017:

Bailey has found his forever home and is enjoying life!

March 11th, 2017:

Bailey is a nine years old and a very relaxed, obedient and jealous dog who loves balls and car rides. When he eats he wastes no time. You can take his bowl away with no problem but don't forget the carrots because he loves them. As far as going for a walk if he sees another dog he will bark and pull. But, please let him take a few minutes to introduce himself and he will be fine and go about his own business. I don't mind spending time outside alone on a long lead but would also enjoy a fenced in yard. When with his foster owner he gets to roam the boundaries of the yard and has a leash on while he sniffs and explores. If he gets too far, a simple command or a whistle will bring him back.

He doesn't pay much attention to cats, but as for his dog friend who he loves, he gets jealous when someone pets her. So he will bark until he gets the attention. He loves to lay on the couch and sometimes the bed. His potty schedule is awesome as he can go hours with no accidents and doesn't mind being home alone with other animal friends while his owners are at work. Bailey knows his commands and won't need much training.