• Bailey
  • Dog ID: 15-044
  • Adoption Date: 2/6/2016


March 9th 2016:

Bailey has been adopted!! He is loving his forever home and they are loving him!  

January 13th, 2016:

Bailey came to us about 6 weeks ago. He is a very sweet and loving almost-2 year-old. He’ll be 2 on Valentine’s Day, which is very appropriate given his disposition and personality. When he got here there were some behavioral issues noted such as barging out the back door, obsession with critters, not minding his manner and generally described as a kind of a wild child by previous owner. Since he’s been here he has learned basic manners and commands. He will sit and stay until I release him to go out into the yard. He will Sit, Down or Front for treats. He doesn’t beg when we’re eating and even stays in the living room if food is being prepared in the kitchen. The resident 12-year-old alpha female Golden whole-heartedly approves! It’s given her a new spring in her step as well. She even tries to play! Bailey loves to snuggle, eat, get treats and play ball. He also loves to play what we call “Feed the chickens”. We scatter kibble, treats or whatever out in the yard and have him Find it. He has a fantastic nose and finds just as many treats as his buddy. His nose is great at finding just the right ball as well. He loves chasing it in the snow but sometimes he skids into it on the snow and then can’t find it right away. (It’s really quite funny to see. He’s all feet and legs.) But he finds it instantly. Even when I have bad form and he doesn’t see where the ball went, I just say Find It and he does. His appetite is great! No more ribs showing through. He’s actually starting to grow into his feet and head. Bailey is a wonderful boy! He’s everything you would expect in a Golden. He told the pet communicator he loves people and would like a job where he could be with people more. Therapy work of some sort might be in his future. He sure has the gentleness and intelligence for it so stay tuned! 

November 23rd 2015:

Bailey joined us on Sunday, November 15th. He is definitely a sweet boy and absolutely loves to run after a ball. He will bring it back, drop it, and wait for you to toss it again. I think I counted 40 times the other day! He is also very curious but does not seem at all fearful of his new environment. That curiosity makes him want to explore some parts of the house that he is not yet allowed into. This has been a challenge because he is quite efficient at scaling a gate. He knows basic commands like sit and stay. He currently needs to put on some weight and we are working on that. Overall, he has a very friendly disposition and seems to show eagerness to bond with his humans.

November 16th 2015:

Bailey came into GRRoW on Sunday 11/15/15. We will have more to report on this handsome fellow as he settles into his fosterhome. One thing we do know is that he is very curious and loves playing, especially with a ball.