• Aspen

  • Dog ID: 19-003

  • Adoption Date: 5/6/2019


May 6, 2019:

Aspen has found her forever home.

March 17, 2019:
Hi everyone...Aspen checking in. The biggest news since my last update is that I have grown...a lot! I am now over 33 pounds and growing more each day. The vet says I am going to be a BIG golden girl! I have also shed most of my puppy fluff and am growing in my beautiful wavy golden coat as well as fur feathers on my tail and legs. I am very happy-go-lucky with just a pinch (or maybe three or four) of mischief. I love, Love, LOVE meeting new people and have yet to meet a person that does not instantly become my new “bestest” friend! My favorite thing to do is taking each toy out of my toy bin and spreading them throughout the house. When my foster family puts the toys back in the bin, I just take everything out again. (I’m not sure my foster family truly understands the “toy chic” interior design style I am trying to achieve in the house!) I should be ready for my adoption day in less than a month. To my new family - please have LOTS of toys ready! I know you’ll absolutely love how I re-decorate your home!!! Lots of puppy licks and love are sent your way! ~Aspen

February 10, 2019:

Hi, it’s me, Aspen, checking in! I want to thank everyone who voted for my name! I just love it, and my foster mom says it’s the perfect name for me because I quake and wiggle my hind end like a little aspen leaf when I am about to pounce on or chase my 1-year-old foster pup-sister! The last few days my 10-year-old foster pup-brother has started showing me ropes of inspecting the yard. I stop to smell whatever he smells and look at whatever he looks at while we are outside. It is so much fun to tag along with him! I am starting to get more content and confident about being by myself. I heard we’re going to keep working on this because it is good to know how to have fun by myself as well as with other dogs and people. Today, I ran to the patio door twice when I had to go outside. Everyone gave me so much praise and attention for going to the door that I think I may keep doing it. (I may not be food driven, but I sure do love praise!) I have been working hard to get ready for my new family. I am hoping the family will have another active dog to play with and people who like to snuggle! Well, I have to go. My foster pup-sister just let me know she wants to play tug, so I need to wiggle and run!

February 2, 2019:

Hi everyone. I am so excited to introduce myself to you. I am a beautiful 10 week old golden retriever puppy and I have been at my foster home for two weeks already now. I have been having so much fun, especially playing with my foster brother Cooper, who is just over a year old. When I came to my foster home, I was just eight weeks old and I was very mellow. My foster parents worried that something was wrong. Well, come to find out, I had a urinary tract infection and I didn't feel very good. It made it the first week of potty training really difficult for them too. I was happy going potty anywhere in the house, but they preferred I go outside. Not only did I have an infection but it was soooooooo darn cold that it just was so difficult for a baby like me. Good news though.....I'm doing much better at that and didn't have any potties in the house today (but shhhhhhh, I did poopy in the house- oops🐶❤️). I also cried a lot at night at first but the last two nights have been awesome. I have slept all night and didn't make a peep, even when foster dad got up in the morning. Now that I'm so much older and more mature, my real personality is coming out. I'm a typical sweet Golden who just loves to play and have fun. My foster mom says I'm "full of pee and vinegar". She also says they are really going to miss me when I go to my forever family and I am really hoping that I will have a sibling to play with like I do now. I can't wait to meet my forever family.