• Reina
  • Dog ID: 16-020
  • Adoption Date:  6/8/2016


June 20th 2016:

Reina did not think twice as she jumped into her new forever home’s car for her ride home. Once home, we changed her name to Rainier. She loves her new BFF, another older and wiser golden sister. She discovered squirrels and birds also live around our home so she acclimated well and enjoys the great outdoors. She loves to jog with us and to work on her commands, especially drop, as those positive words are always there for a reward. Rainier has an official dog park permit now. She loves trips in the car and watched us pick strawberries during her settling in time. In the heat, she loves the water and then really enjoys bedding down with the kids to read, watch TV or a movie. Rainier loves doing everything with the family and enjoys both the kids and dog companionship. We even joke that she is ready for skijoring as her leash skills are a work in progress! Rainier loves to cuddle with the kids and we always know where to find her. She enjoys basketball and is curious about the new things she discovers. We can’t imagine our family without her. Thank you GRRoW.

June 5th, 2016:

Reina is doing well and has learned some dog language from her GRRoW brother. She is a smaller blonde with some white tails on her haunches. She loves to be brushed and get her nails clipped...think pedicure! She loves to romp and play and is especially hard on her toys...all of them come out of the basket during her play time! She respects her boundaries around the house and yard and has good house manners. She sleeps in a crate in the evening and hasn't figured out all the dog beds around the house are for her pleasure. She does have a bark to warn you of anything new, arrivals at the door, storms, etc. but will stop immediately when you tell her. She has learned stay when it is dinner time and waits for a release to eat. She loves, loves, loves water and that is the only place where her nose gets her into trouble and she would rather chase a duck than listen to you calling "come" or "no." This gal is pure puppy and has the energy to keep up with us for at least four one mile walks a day. When she sleeps, she sleeps!

June 1st, 2016:

Reina has been typical puppy. She loves to run and play in the yard and with her toys in the house. She has not been with other dogs in the house so is learning to manage her space and ques from our older golden who wants his space. In the fields she is inquisitive and uses her sense of smell but will always come when she is called. She knows her commands but we are working on her "stay" and "wait." While typical puppy with medium to high energy, she will relax if you sit down. She loves her crate and sleeps well at night though the first two nights had a little whining as she wanted to be out with the other two goldens. She loves the kids in the neighborhood and enjoys their petting. We haven't noticed any bad habits like counter surfing or jumping just darting around like a firefly on our hardwood floors! This young one will be ready for adoption quite soon as other than a slight ear infection she had a perfect physical and was up to date with her shots.