• Comet
  • Dog ID: 16-046
  • Surrender Date:  12/5/2016


September 11th, 2017:

Comet surprised us a few weeks ago. In the year she’s been with us, she has shown no interest in the different dog toys we have around the house. The closest was wanting to play with a stuffed Golden that is almost the size of her. We were recently at an art fair, and Comet spied a basket of knit toys. She stuck her head into the basket and pulled one out. The vendor probably didn’t intend it to be a dog toy, but she was excited to hear Comet’s story. Guess who has a new toy? Because her sister destroys toys and we want to make sure she has it for a long time, Comet gets to play with her toy when we can watch the two of them.

The past few months have not been the easiest for Comet. One day she just collapsed and wouldn’t move. We rushed her to the vet where they ruled out cancer. Though she wasn’t exhibiting the usual symptoms, they diagnosed it as vestibular disease which affected her balance. It took two days for her to be able to stand, and she slowly regained her strength.

A few weeks ago she became unsteady on her feet once again. Her recovery is slower this time around, and short walks seem to help with it. Her head is now tilting, one of the noticeable signs of the disease. She's back to eating normally, so she is feeling better. We're taking a wait and see approach and making sure she is living the best life she can.

March 11th, 2017:

Comet is up to 59 pounds! That’s a 10 pound weight gain since she was surrendered at the end of August. She has evolved into a good eater and has started hanging out in the kitchen while meals are being prepared to be available to assist if something drops. She continues to add foods to her diet and ate lettuce just the other day.

Her diet has also helped Comet’s coat fill in, and it’s very thick. Her belly was completely bare when she first arrived (probably due to her allergies). It’s now covered with fur.

Comet recently underwent surgery to have a cyst removed. While she was under anesthesia, the vet checked her mouth and found a growth. After having it tested, we found Comet has melanoma. It isn’t aggressive at this time, and we’re going to watch its progression.

Comet loves other dogs and recently met some larger than her at the dog park.

Comet continues to engage more with her sisters and to become part of the family. She’s already done that to our hearts.

December 28th, 2016:

Guess who just turned 12 on the 26th?

Comet continues to settle in with her new sisters. Once the adoption was final she began sleeping with them like she knew she was home. She’s gained 8 pounds since she came to us too!

She’s been busy since her last update. Comet healed quickly from her tooth extraction during her dental in November. She really enjoyed the canned food she got to eat while she was healing. Surprisingly, she switched back to the kibble version very easily. She’s a very good eater and is learning to eat vegetables. Sometimes they’ll find their way next to her bowl, but she’s trying different ones. She’s also eating fish oil capsules and coconut oil to help with her dry skin and a probiotic because an animal communicator said she had a “grumbly tummy.”

Comet sold a bunch of Community Days coupon books at Brookfield Boston Store and won the hearts of many people while she was there. She soaked in lots of love during the visits too. She is looking forward to selling more books for the spring sale beginning in January.

Her cage reactivity continues to appear, and it is inconsistent when it will happen. We’re planning on speaking with the animal communicator to see if Comet can get passed it. We remind her she’s safe and nobody will hurt her.

Comet met a friend named Santa Claus when we were taking holiday photos. She would wander by him every chance she had. We’re glad she didn’t go back to the North Pole with him because we love her dearly.

December 7th, 2016:

Comet got a clean bill of health and was adopted by his foster home. He is learning to bond with his two golden siblings.

October 12th, 2016:

It’s amazing how far Comet has come in the five weeks she’s been with us. She tagged along on her foster sister’s vet appointment the other day, and she’s gained four pounds! You can no longer see her ribs, and her belly area is filling out. The vet said her coat is feeling a lot better too. Comet even approached the vet and sat between her legs. She’s definitely starting to trust again.
We are continuing Comet on her limited ingredient diet, and she’s on the maintenance dose of Apoquel. Her scratching is almost nonexistent.
Comet’s cage reactivity still appears, but it a lot less severe and less often. We found if we turn our backs toward her, she will stop. We will continue to work on this.
Comet attended GRRoW’s volunteer thank you event and ran around with the other dogs in attendance. It was a happy sight to see her run for the first time. She did great with everyone, two or four legged! We took her swimming, and though she did some paddling, it wasn’t her thing.
Comet is scheduled to have her teeth cleaned at the beginning of November. The vet still wasn’t able to get a good look at her mouth, but we know at least one tooth is going to be pulled. She’ll need to heal from that, and then she’ll be able to go to her forever home.

September 12th, 2016:

Comet has come so far in the two weeks she’s been with us. She received a haircut and a bath on her first day to help with her scratching.

She came to us underweight, so the vet ran a number of tests to make sure she was healthy. Everything was fine, and the vet gave us medicated shampoo, an antibiotic, and Apoquel to help with the itching. We switched her to a limited ingredient diet in case she’s allergic to anything in her food. These have helped immensely, and it’s amazing to see how much better she must feel.

Comet is slowly coming out of her shell and fitting in wonderfully with her four-legged foster sisters. She’s starting to seek attention and affection too. She even picked up a toy and retrieved after it when it was tossed. Hasn’t since, but it was a good sign.

Though we found that Comet rides well in the car, we found Comet sometimes has a cage aggression issue when it’s time to exit the car. She will sometimes bare her teeth, growl, or bark. We’re working on this with some positive reinforcement exercises.

We’re heading back to the vet this week to do a follow up. The vet is also going to check her mouth to see if she requires a cleaning. There were a lot of tests being done the first visit, so she might be more amenable to it this time.

With some stability and other exercises, Comet will hopefully be ready for her forever home soon.