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UPDATE 7/31 :  I know it doesn't seem like much, but today Joey sat straight up for a full 30 seconds!  Although he could walk fine before his surgery, he could only stand or sit for short periods of time before he would lay down.  Joey is working super hard with his rehab of stretches and limited walking.  He's slowly but surely increasing his full weight while taking a short walk around the yard.  After he's done with his walk, he enjoys a wagon ride around the neighborhood, but most of all, he really enjoys having his legs and hips massaged!

Hi there! My name is Joey. I'm one of GRRoW's foster puppies. I've had quite an experience since I left the puppy mill, so I was asked to share my journey with you.

I arrived at my new foster home in the beginning of March. I was a little stressed from our travels, but soon realized foster life is pretty amazing!! I have so much more freedom to eat, sleep, run and play. Shortly after my arrival, my family realized my eating habits were pretty poor, and when I did eat, it didn't settle with me very well. It took a lot of time and we tried a lot of things from different foods to adding supplements and finally, we found the perfect food. Now me and my tummy are super happy!

About a week or so later, I started going through a HUGE growth spurt. My foster family said they'd never seen a puppy grow so fast (must be all the yummy food I've been eating)! We were celebrating Mother's Day weekend when my mom thought she could see me limping a little. Luckily, I had a vet appointment a couple days later and they could check me out. The Doc did an X-Ray and saw a little spot on my right arm, but he wasn't convinced we should be alarmed just yet. We planned to rest for the next couple of weeks and come back for a check again.

Two weeks later, I'm back at the vet's office for my re-check. Although I rarely limped at all, the Doc thought some of the behavior my mom told him about seemed a little odd he did a few more X-Rays. Thank God he did! He found out, along with elbow problems, I have hip problems which would require surgery. He made a few phone calls and just like that we had a consult appointment with a surgeon!

Two weeks later, we met with the surgeon and he was very cautious, but also mentioned that my elbows are just as concerning as my hips. He wanted my mom to video me while I got to run, walk and play as normal. That way, he could better tell which issue was most critical. So, that's where I am right now, I'll keep you updated.


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