Foster Home Training Checklist

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Section 1: Evaluation as a potential Foster Home Go through FH agreement in detail to make sure FH will agree to all items on there. Hold off submitting electronically until training is done, but if they do not agree to sign, stop training and report to FC. Get familiar with family and their pets before introducing yours and starting HV questions. If you feel comfortable that this family has the potential to be a good foster home at this point, introduce your dog outside on leash and then bring into house safely. If there are problems with family’s pets that will make it difficult to introduce new GRRoW dogs into their house, stop training, and advise family that we will not proceed. If all’s well, proceed. Go through HV (if one not already completed) and fill out all information in detail. Section 2: Foster Training Discuss the organization and process dogs encounter while with grrow. Explain roles of DA, FC, PC, AC, TC, BOD. Explain the intake, assessment, transport, foster and placement processes. Explain how foster dogs are assigned. FC will post, but THEY need to request dog. Explain intake, assessment and transport forms and what they mean. Originals of these forms will go to DA for the dog’s GRRoW file. Discuss Foster Home requirements using the FH handbook as a guide (remember, document may not be completely up to date. Make sure you know all recent policy changes). Discuss safety issues at length. Stress importance of keeping dogs separate, keeping toys away, feeding, interactions with minors, etc. Explain euthanasia consequences. Dog belongs to GRRoW, not to FH. There are lots of policies, but these are geared for safety of dog. We promise surrendering family quality care and safety for their dogs and we need to enforce that. GRRoW is responsible and must trust FH to carry this commitment out. Discuss insurance. They need their own as well as grrow’s coverage. Grrow insurance applies only if they follow our procedures. DA is primary point of contact for questions. Any issues must be immediately reported. Helpful hints will be provided by them to FH at various stages of fostering and placement process (just in time delivery of information). Discuss medical requirements (pre-approved vs needed approval) and importance of getting all medical records (invoices are not records!). Explain required vet care form. Explain why CVI is required and that DA will instruct them when to have it done. Discuss behavioral requirements/issues. We have folks that can provide one on one help. Contact DA for help. Discuss training, grooming, feeding, physical and mental exercise/stimulation, and socialization expectations and restrictions while dog is in their care. Discuss updates…what should be included and what shouldn’t. Importance and frequency. Photos needed. Tis is done by email to DA. Discuss placement process and finding a forever home. FH can request to adopt their dog. Placement can start anytime after 14 days and when medical/behavioral issues cleared. Discuss options if FH will be away (another foster home, caregiver, etc) Discuss availability of crates, supplies, food, educational material, medical and behavioral expertise, training tips. We have great network of help available. Ask DA. 2. Electronic Tools. a. Walk them through our website and where to access VRC. b. Have them log into the VRC and show them where all the required forms and policies are located. Highlight the foster/placement site in particular. Specifically, show them assessment (sect 1-11), surrender, foster/transport checklist, required vet care, caregiver, dog information sheet, foster handbook. Show them where educational handouts are. Show them how to navigate grrow yahoo group. Let them know they will also be getting invite to fostercare group when approved to foster. They need to be on both groups. Have them fill out and submit foster home agreement at this time via the VRC. Section 3: Recommendations Fill in below with recommendations as a foster home. Be very honest in your evaluation on what they can and cannot handle as a foster home. Submit electronically when checklist is completed. Recommendations/Comments: