Foster Home Agreement

Foster Home Agreement *
By signing the GRRoW Foster Home Agreement, I/We agree/understand that: Before fostering any GRRoW animal(s), I/We have completed all training requirements and signed an affidavit to that effect. I have read, understand and agree to follow GRRoW’s Policies & Procedures as outlined in the Foster Handbook and other supporting policies. The animal(s) will remain the property of GRRoW. The animal(s) must be turned over immediately to an officer of GRRoW upon request. The foster home will be personally responsible for the humane care, shelter, regular exercise, veterinary care, and control of the foster dog(s) at all times. The foster dog(s) will be fed a high quality food, watered,and exercised appropriately. The foster dog may not be exercised outdoors off-leash in any unfenced area. If the foster family named herein does not have a securely fenced yard, the foster dog is to be kept on a leash at all times when outdoors. The animal(s) will be kept indoors, living as a part of the family as an indoor house pet. The dog(s) shall not be kept in the garage or basement. The animal may not be left unattended outdoors or tied out unattended for any reason. If the foster dog will be crated, it must be indoors in a GRRoW approved crate. Foster dog should not be housed exclusively in a crate. If the foster family named herein needs to be away from home for more than 12 hours at a time, prior arrangements must be made to have the foster dog temporarily cared for by another approved GRRoW foster home, unless other arrangements are specifically agreed to by the Board of Directors. Veterinary care (approved by the Foster Coordinator(s)/GRRoW BOD) will be provided by the foster family. All services will be paid for by GRRoW. Emergency vet care should be approved, in advance by GRRoW, if possible. However, if conditions don’t permit, emergency care is at the discretion of the foster family (i.e. weekends or holidays). Contact with GRRoW’s foster coordinator should be made immediately for condition update and costs incurred. Any expenditures beyond that listed on the required veterinary care form must be approved by a GRRoW officer in compliance with GRRoW written procedures. No payment will be provided by GRRoW for daily board or other caregiver services. No payment will be provided for food unless approved by the foster coordinator &/or officer of GRRoW. The foster family named herein will contact GRRoW weekly to report on the status of the animal(s) and adoption activities. The animal(s) is/are to be adopted to a permanent home only under supervision of GRRoW to a family prescreened and approved by GRRoW. Should a foster family request permanent adoption of a dog fostered in their home, the foster home is expected to pay the adoption fee for the dog and comply with all other adoption policies. Adoptive families are to be accorded respect and privacy. Excessively casual or aggressive contact with potential and actual adoptive families is not desirable. All donations connected with the animal(s) will be sent directly to GRRoW. Tax-deductible receipts are available upon request. Any questions or problems are to be directed to the foster coordinator &/or BOD. If there is a need to remove the animal(s) from the foster home, the animal(s) will be given directly to a GRRoW officer or authorized representative. GRRoW and its members and officers will not be held responsible for injuries to people, other animals, of for the loss of or damage to property if the above policies are not strictly followed. The Foster Family named herein accepts full responsibility for any injury or damage caused if the above policies are not followed. I/We fully understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any and all duties that I perform in my volunteer capacity with Golden Retriever Rescue of WI, Inc. (further referred to as: GRROW which includes GRROW and its officers, Board of Directors, members, and volunteers). This waiver does include myself, family member(s), child(ren), anyone else whom undersigned brings on to/in the premises of the their property/residence(s), and descendants forever on any theory of legal liability including the sole or concurrent negligence of GRROW, for any injury, death or danger directly or indirectly caused by the rescue Golden Retriever. The waiver hereby releases GRROW from any and all liability, claims, suits, demands, or causes of action which may arise out of or be brought against GRROW, by virtue of release and transfer of the rescue dog to the volunteer(s). The release provided for in this document is designed and intended to protect GRROW from the consequences of any attack, behavior or other action by the rescue dog, and from the consequences of any act or omission or negligence on the part of the undersigned volunteer/member(s) ,family member(s), child(ren), anyone else whom undersigned brings on to the premises of the their property/residence(s), and descendants and GRROW in obtaining custody of the rescue dog, in providing care for the rescue dog, or in failing to provide timely or adequate warning to any person concerning the rescue dog. The undersigned acknowledges that animals pose dangers to people and animals. Such dangers include, by way of example and not limitation, animals that can bite, trip, knock down, and fight, indoor and outdoor surfaces can become slippery, equipment that can trip, persons who cannot control their dogs and activities involving dogs that can result in injury from bites or other causes waives any and all legal duties on the part of GRRoW. By signing below, I/We herein signify that I/we have read this foster home contract, understand all parts, agree to be legally bound thereby, and accept full responsibility for any injury or damage caused if the GRRoW policies are not followed.
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Foster Home Signature (print name)
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