• Cody
  • Dog ID: 09-023

I just wanted to drop GRRoW a line. Last week I lost the love of my life Cody. Cody was my first foster whom came in with his brother Casey. Cody was 4 and Casey was 14 they were surrendered by an elderly couple. Casey ended up staying with me as a hospice boy and I adopted Cody. Casey spent 10 months with us before he passed but Cody stayed 8 years. He was the happiest soul I ever experienced. He was forever by my side. All he wanted was me. He would sit next to me and he just wanted me to hold his head in my hands forever. Cody was a mentor to his 4 year old sister who has anxiety issues and depended upon him greatly. Unfortunately Cody broke his shoulder just going down the stairs and after rushing him to the er they found bone cancer. He didn't even wimper when he hurt himself. Thank you GRRoW for letting me fill my heart with all Cody gave me. He is dearly missed. Yours in Sorrow, Beth