• Dog ID: 13-019

September 29, 2014 Update

Winston’s condition deteriorated rapidly over the last week. He couldn’t get up on his own; couldn’t walk unaided except for a few steps. His previously ailing hind leg had flared up again - Swollen hard and signs of infection. He hadn’t eaten in three days, and he was throwing up his medications with what little water he could keep down. He was refusing even his favorite treats. Despite multiple efforts at alleviation, he had been in some pain for several days. Yesterday, it was lethargy bordering on comatose at times. With long, hard thought, and supported by a very caring vet (Dr. Sue), we made a tough decision. At about noon yesterday, Prime Minister Winston slipped away very peacefully, and, according to those who believe the legend, he should be romping with Misty, Kramer and Bailey at the Rainbow Bridge right about now. To complete what turned out to be a very difficult day, Let’s talk about old Sir Benjamin. Ben joined Winston a little later in the afternoon. Losing two furry buddies in one year is tough. Two in the same week (or in our case – same day) is well nigh unimaginable. Perhaps it was better to help Ben along while we were still in a daze after saying good bye to Winston. These two furry buddies have brought us great pleasure – along with a deserved measure of grief here and there. I hope we were worthy of their unconditional love. We tried to do right by them. They did their best to make life a little more complete. They succeeded.