• Name: Trigger
  • Dog ID: 11-079


October 10th, 2016:

Dear GRRoW
With great sadness we want to let you know that our dear Trigger crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. He was the most affectionate dog we ever had. A real huggy bear. He just turned 11. What a sweet boy. He made us totally forget that we were not going to have anymore dogs and would be a foster for him.

He had other ideas and immediately adopted us.

Although he had been moving slower and sleeping more, his last day was a good one. A walk in the neighborhood park, a car ride, and a good supper. With treats! However, he was uncomfortable during the night and very distressed this morning. The doctor recognized the symptoms of a splenetic tumor and the prognosis was dire. He came to a very peaceful end hearing my voice and being petted and stroked. What a love. He will be missed by everyone he ever met and will leave a hole in our hearts and in our home.

Diann & Tom