• "Too" Molly
  • Dog ID: 03-030


Our 15 year old Golden "Too" passed away on Sunday. We took her in as our GRRoW Foster in Jan. 2003. Her name was Molly 03-030 but our first Foster/adoptee was Molly so we called her Molly2 as we fostered her. With medical & behavior issues to work through we decided to adopt her and named her "Too". It fit her spunky, not always golden like, personality. She was a funny entertaining dog that made lots of friends along the road of life. Her beginning was rough but GRRoW gave her a second chance. We were blessed to have her for 12 1/2 years. She has gone to heaven to chase frogs & hang with our other 2 adopted Golden girls and many other special friends. We will miss her and will hold on the the memories of her life her on earth. Sincerely Sheri