• Dog ID: 10-090


In Memory of Tina

Tina was our first GRRoW foster, and a foster failure. She weighed in at 46 lbs. and was a little bundle of a Golden with a big attitude! Her bark was deep and threatening, surprising for such a small girl! And she could run and jump in the field like a Thoroughbred horse! She loved to roll, especially in the snow, and when excited would grab her tail and do somersaults, sometimes 3-4 in a row. When we first fostered her, she would ask permission to come into any room and wait to be told to go up and down stairs. Shortly after adopting her, she earned her CGC award at a GRRoW function.

She had been trained very well by previous owners. One of her favorite things to do besides swimming, camping, going for walks, truck rides and boat rides, was to do home visits for GRRoW. As my car slowed down, she would literally sing a gurgling song of excitement! She could not contain herself and forgetting all manners, would make a mad dash to the door of the house, pulling me along. Once in, she was like a whirlwind if the homeowners invited her to be off leash. She had to visit every person, check out every room, and then come back to be petted while I talked to the family. She was a great foster sister for several of our GRRoW fosters. Up to her last day, she went for three walks a day and there were no indications of any illness. At age 11, her face was grey and her eyes were dimmed, but she was still in great condition. Sadly, she had a tumor on her spleen that we did not know about, and it burst, and she went downhill in a matter of hours. She did not suffer long and we sent her to the Bridge. We were so lucky to foster her and then adopt her. RIP sweet Tina girl, we loved you so much!