• Dog ID: 12-046

June 5, 2014 Update:

Sunshine Katie passed to the Rainbow Bridge on June 4, due to lymphoma. We only had her for two years, which is never long enough, but she had a very loving and active life. Her favorite activity was going to the dog park to run like the wind. When she first came into GRROW she was 106 lbs. Since that time she lost 25 lbs. due to all her fitness activities. She also loved to go shopping with her mom and golden sister Holly. She became quite good at catching popcorn on the fly. She also was a big hit when we went to Younkers Days or the local Pet Expo. She would calmly sit and let everyone pet her. She even tolerated being dressed up for holidays or special occasions. Her name indicated her warm personality and loving spirit. Thanks GRROW for giving all dogs no matter what age a loving home. These dogs give back to us in ways we can never explain or put into words. RIP Sunshine Katie - you will be missed. Mar 2014 update. Sunshine has lost 23 pounds (106 to 83) since coming into GRRoW and looks like a completely different dog. Boy is she beautiful. Sep 2013 update Sunshine the skinny has lost 18 lbs. and how now become a very busy bee and active dog. She started at 106 lbs. She loves going for walks and dog park activities. She has lost 8 inches off her waist since coming into rescue in August, 2012. Sunshine loves catching popcorn and has become quite good at catching on the fly. She also loves to spend time with her foster sister Holly going to the mall and shopping with their mom. Even though Sunshine is ten years old you would never guess it by the way she sprints around the yard. She even does the dog agility bridge at the dog park. This is the last update from Sunshine's foster home. Sunshine was adopted and is now in her furever home. Sunshine was placed in foster home that is very fitness focused. Sunshine came to our house in August, 2012 weighing in at 106 lbs. over 20 lbs. above her recommended weight. We lovingly called her a weeble because she just moved back and forth. This journey started with small amounts of exercise, cutting back on snacks and treats and different dog food. Her lifestyle consisted of getting her moving one step at a dog. With the great support of a local vet Sunshine started to walk one block at a time. During the same time she has had surgery on her front leg to have a sarcoma removed and an unexpected trip to the vet for a tooth removal. Through it all she has been a real trooper. We believe we have caught as much of the cancer as possible and she should have a long happy life. Sometimes it takes a village of dedicated GRROW volunteers to get a dog to the point where their lives take a wonderful positive turn. Fast forward to May 2013, where Miss Sunshine's waist measurement has gone from a 34 inch circumference to a slim 29, her neck has gone from a 19 inch girth to a 16 inch feminine size. In total, she has lost 11 inches on her body and 12 lbs. She still has a journey on her weight loss but in her new home, she will continue her active lifestyle (she now runs long distances, climbs hills with a single bound) and is one of the happiest dogs you have eve