• Summer
  • Dog ID: 15-001R


Sadly, Summer is no longer grumbling and greeting me every morning. She had a great last 7 months, with walks three times a day, REALLY!!!, my compulsive fiancé comes home every day at lunchtime to walk Rosie, his golden, so Summer accepted that benefit gladly. When we stayed at their house, she had the run of the "savannah" as Ed likes to call the fenced in back yard full of very tall weeds and scrub trees. And she loved being out there. Clearly she had spent a great deal of time in her previous life in the great outdoors. She and Rosie played rough and tumble whenever we came home from work, just to gain our attention. And the cats... I don't believe Summer had ever seen a cat before, much less the two of them who reside in Ed's house. She stalked them as if they were rodents, attacked them, but could never catch them. Ed was sure she would eat them if she caught them, so he tried putting a baby gate up between the "cat room" and the hallway, with the idea it would keep Summer out of there hair. Hah! Summer just sat there watching the cats tease her from the other side, then would spring straight up and over without ever touching the gate, to pursue them. Needless to say, she didn't eat them, and by July had learned they were acceptable in the house. In late August Ed and I were married, Summer and Rosie had their own photo shoot with us, and off they went with us on our honeymoon to Door County. We hiked the parks every day together, swam in Green Bay, and slept like babies every night. When we returned, we noticed Rosie was looking heavier than she'd been. The next morning, Summer didn't move when we called her for a walk. The tests were completed by the end of the day indicating cancer. She was on methadon for pain fortunately, and we let her cross over the Rainbow Bridge, while resting comfortably on my lap. I miss her terribly. Summer's Mom Kathleen.