• Dog ID: 14-053
  • Surrender Date: September 25, 2014
  • Gender: Male

October 5, 2014 Update

We welcomed Scooter and Bella into our home last week. This couple were a bonded pair, ages 12 and 11, and they reminded me of an old married couple. Sadly, their time together was cut short. Scooter was having trouble walking, and making it up the couple of steps in and out of the house. A few days later, he could not get up or even stay standing if we helped him. We got him to the vet right away. The vet determined he had some swelling and neurological problems in his left leg that made it impossible for him to put weight on it, and his right hip was so bad, he could not support his weight on that side either. There was virtually no hip socket left on that side. The only thing the vet could suggest for him was stronger pain medication, but that would only delay the inevitable. There was nothing that could be done to fix the hip. He was obviously in pain. It was a terribly hard decision to let him go to The Bridge. Scooter was a very sweet and handsome old boy, and even though we barely knew him, he touched our hearts. Rest in peace, Scooter. You're in a pain-free place now. His partner Bella has been adapting well. We were worried about her at first, but she has taken Scooter's passing more gently than we have. She has a sunny disposition. We discovered she can do the "smile" that sometimes goldens do. And she's a "talker." She is a picky eater though, and I often have to stand near her to get her to eat in the morning, even if I mix yummy canned food in. She was a little ornery with my female lab the first few days (perhaps because of jealousy with Scooter), but I started taking them for walks together and I try to make good things come Bella's way whenever Tilly is around. This morning they both were in the kitchen with me, and there was no growling from Bella. We discovered that Bella likes a soft toy in her mouth. We found one she really likes, and she will carry it all over the house, doing her little happy "talk." She's a good little traveler in the car. This little gal seems to have a lot of gas left in her tank. This coming week, she will get her vet check up. Stay tuned for more on Miss Bella.