• Dog ID: 10-045

I adopted Ruby from GRRoW in August 2010. After Ruby was surrendered to GRRoW I believe her sister Piper was also surrendered and later adopted by a family. In March 2013 Ruby had mammary cancer. We had the tumor removed along with some mammary glands. Ruby was doing very well until mid January 2014. Sadly, we have learned that she has hemangiosarcoma on her spleen. Along with the hemangiosarcoma she has developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia. We will not be having surgery because the cancer has spread throughout her abdomen. We have decided to keep Ruby comfortable at home with us for the remainder of her days. The reason I'm contacting you is just to ask if you could let Piper's family know that Ruby will be passing away soon. Also I'd like to let Piper's family know to do frequent checks on her abdomen for any lumps and get her to the vet right away as it could save her life. Thank you