• Ray
  • Dog ID: 18-003


February 26th, 2018:

Ray found his forever home..sadly, he earned his wings this morning. He had a great weekend. We went on several walks around the neighborhood and we brushed him outside since it was so windy (potential bird nest fur). Last night around 11 he came to find me so I thought he wanted to go out. He didn't need to go out so I went back to bed. This morning I found him collapsed in the hallway outside of my room (he had come to find me again).

He lost the use of his back legs. He just couldn't make them move. We got him to the emergency vet and they couldn't say much other than perhaps he had a stroke. So, we let him go.

Ray was such a sweet boy who had lived a terrible life before he came to us. Despite his terrible condition when he came in, he was happy and loved "his person" - his foster mom.

February 11th 2018:

Ray continues to feel better and he is hoping that he can find his forever home very soon. He had a little set back after his surgery to have his teeth removed. His foster mom tried everything to get him to eat and, in the process, his stomach got upset. So, he was switched to a kibble that is very gentle on his GI system and is taking some medication. It has worked!! No more digestive issues.

Ray continues to be a very gentle and quiet boy. He loves being brushed and his tail wags every time you touch him or talk to him. There has been so much snow that he has not been able to take his short walks, which he loves. He continues to get very excited for car rides an dloves to sniff the wind in his face.

While Ray is a senior, he has no problem at all going up and down a flight of carpeted stairs. Oh, and Ray has been cat tested and he graduated! He just ignores cats. As far as other dogs in his home, he would be best with other dogs who are not rambunctious. They are too much for him. Laid back dogs are fine.

January 24th 2018:

Ray had surgery on his mouth and it went very well. He has 1.5 teeth left! One of them is his lower left canine tooth. He is getting his energy back and eating three times a day (his foster comes home at lunch to let him out and give him a snack). He was getting canned food and scrambled eggs at first, but he is eating kibble now that is mixed in with some canned food that has a stew consistency. He is gaining much needed weight and he is much more active than he was before (even though he is primarily a “speed bump” who likes to snooze). He's a little stiff, so he is on a generic arthritis medication that he gets once a day along with some salmon oil and supplements. He lives with two rambunctious big golden retriever boys and he is fine with them, but they have knocked him down and he has not appreciated that - and he will tell them he's upset. He is very gentle and quiet, and just follows his foster mom around when she is home – making sure that she is supervised. He doesn't know his name but he will come if you wave your hand. He HATES going to the vet office, but he loves riding in cars and going for walks. He would love a quiet home for his retirement. Small kids and high energy dogs would probably be too much for him. Cats are unknown at this time but he would probably ignore them (he can be cat tested). He would probably be fine all day at home, but since he likes being with you, it would be a bonus if you were around. He has a fenced area outside, but he probably doesn’t need a fence. He gets so happy when his foster mom comes home that he has a little “happy dance” that he has invented. And, he is just learning what toys are (probably never had any), so he goes to find one to shake while he is dancing his dance. It’s so cute. If ever a dog deserved a happy ending, it’s Ray.

January 11, 2018:

Meet Ray! Ray came to us from animal control and he came to us just in time...the same day he was going to be let go. Ray was found wandering in the extreme cold, emaciated, infected and lost. Animal control thought he was deaf and blind, but he's not! He was just very sad and confused by what had happened to him. Ray also only weighed 49 pounds at intake and he should be around 60 - 65 pounds. So, Ray is in his foster home waiting for surgery to have his teeth removed this week (very infected). He loves his new jacket and loves being inside, safe and warm. He loves his food but can't eat a lot until we get his mouth fixed up. He is a gentle and sweet boy who loves being around his people and his foster brothers. He looks like a very skinny golden retriever with ears that are quite floppy when he walks (think Flying Nun). Ray will be a great companion for the lucky people who take him home. We will update Ray's story after his surgery. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. If you'd like to donate to GRRoW to help him or our other dogs in our care, Ray will send licks your way.