• Mystic 01-101

6 months ago I laid my dear friend, Mystic, to her rest. I was fortunate to have met
Mystic 15 years ago when she was my GRROW foster dog.
With her beautiful brown eyes she won my heart and I fell in love! As it is said...who rescued who?

After doing some math I realized Mystic has been with our family since my children were was 6 and 11! Where did that time go?

Mystic has just always been here and even now I am lost without her. We always find that the time was too short! Mystic had "that golden smile" mastered even when she was wearing cat litter on her nose. We would ask her "Are you sassy?!" and she would put on her best smile as she knew anything she had done would be overlooked because she was adorable.

There is nothing more to say....she will leave a big hole where she used to be. Godspeed my love.