• Dog ID: 13-007

July 18, 2014 Update:

Sadly Murphy passed over to the Rainbow Bridge today. He was a very special boy and will be deeply missed.

December 27, 2013 Update:

I started watching Murphy in April, for a few weekends interspersed until mid May. At that time, it was probable that he was going to be adopted by a family. I was glad to know that he was going to be adopted by multiple people. He is most definitely a people dog. When I found out he wasn’t being adopted, it took me a few hours to make the decision to take him. It’s been a fun and sometimes hectic six months, as he’s had his fair share of medical issues, but he takes it all in stride and can still run like a 6 year old, when he wants to. (Although he dislikes my indoor cycling training enough to bark at the bike every time I start pedaling.) As he nears 12 years old, he spends more and more time on the couch – he’s got his own. He enjoys carrying around old socks to remind everyone that he’s still a retriever, in retirement perhaps, but still a retriever. He has reminded me that life is very short and the time I have with him needs to be savored. A special thanks to Dr. Ashely Bensfield at WVRC and Dr. Michael Fagan at Hallett Veterinary in Oconomowoc for their expert care and concern.