• Dog ID: 06-083

Merlin came to GRRoW as a stray in September 2006. He was exactly the dog I wanted - mellow, friendly, and LOVED to be petted! He and I had great fun together. We took lots of long walks on the bike path near our house - summer, winter, even in the rain. He always found a "prize" to carry on our walks - usually a discarded paper cup, junk mail, or other random trash. He'd wag his tail and carry his prize like it was a winning lotto ticket. And the oral fixation didn't stop there - we have many comical stories of things Merlin shouldn’t have eaten, but did. The list is long, but it includes microwave popcorn (unpopped), toothbrushes, scissor handles, bean bags, a 5-lb bag of flour, the butter from the butter dish (on multiple occasions), a jack-o-lantern, the cover of a book, and my passport (yep). We enjoyed almost eight long and wonderful years together. He saw me through many changes - an amicable divorce, a bad relationship, then into a good one, and two moves. I like to think that he stayed with me long to enough to make sure I was taken care of, and once he knew I was going to be okay, he decided it was time to move on. He fought arthritis and nerve damage to stay mobile for several months, but after I got engaged and moved into a “forever home” two months ago, his zest for life declined rapidly. When he stopped getting up on his own and wolfing down food like a champion, I knew it was time. He was euthanized peacefully on a beautiful Friday morning with his head in my lap, at just shy of fifteen years of age. Rest in peace, my sweet and gentle friend. You were the best dog a girl could ask for. Everybody that met you was touched by your sweet and silly disposition and your gentle nature. You even won the hearts of people that didn’t like dogs! And thank you GRRoW, for bringing us together.