• Max
  • Dog ID: 18-016


July 15, 2018:

It is with such sadness that we share news about Max. Unfortunately, the lesion on his lower lip turned out to be a stage 4 melanoma. After consulting with both our local veterinarian and a canine internal medicine specialist ,it was decided that the most humane thing for Max would be to end his suffering. He was given approximately three months to live if no intervention was taken and only 1 to 2 years if a very invasive surgery (which would have removed his entire lower jaw and teeth) was done. The surgeon was very concerned about the pain that Max would experience if his cancerous lesion burst open. The GRRoW board of directors ultimately agreed that it was time to let our beautiful friend, Max go and play with his friends at the rainbow bridge. Max's last days were filled with love, family, Culver's burgers, ice cream, pizza and even his first ever swim in a lake (at least we tried....he didn't quite know what to make of it). Although he was only with us for a short period of time, we fell in love with Max and he will forever be part of our family.

May 29, 2018:

Max is a lively, friendly, beautiful dark red boy and is in very good shape for his age. Max is such a young nine-year-old. He has lots of energy but settles very nicely and seems to obey all commands.  He knows sit, stay, down and come without a treat. He has been around kids and is fine around other dogs. He doesn't like crates but loves "caves" like safe places under tables. Max is going to the vet right away to get the growth on his mouth looked at.