• Dog ID: 02-302


Maisy came to us 13 1/2 years ago as a 5 month old pup through GrROW, and she was a gem. Gentle, kind, funny, and a real part of the family. Maisy was especially important to our daughter with autism, who relied on Maisy to help her with transitions. Maisy somehow learned how to help Amy without us ever teaching her, and we called her our unofficial therapy dog.

Although she's been aging with grace for several years now, she went downhill very quickly starting only two weeks ago, with her anxiety spiking, her appetite greatly diminished, and her legs completely failing her. She was a fighter and very dignified at that. She was still grooming herself right before we took her to the vet to be put down, and despite losing feeling in her back legs, she absolutely refused to have an accident in the house. We never understood why someone gave up such a special dog, but she sure made our lives richer and more full. 

We will always love you, Maisy!