• Mack

Mack came to us 7 years ago as a foster and found his forever home with us. His early months were challenging! Huge energy level, no manners and he didn't know how to interact with us . . .. we all worked extremely hard to guide him to be the "golden" we knew could be. He was worth it!

He was a handsome, dark big boy who loved and protected us. He traveled great and liked to ride with his head our the window. He operated with gusto at the lake chasing geese, swimming, and chewing sticks. He enjoyed his back yard at home and pestered us to go in and out and in and out. He loved the snow and made "dog angels" rolling in it and was so happy when we threw snowballs for him to chase.
He hogged the bed, followed us around the house not wanting to miss a thing and appreciated a hand or foot touching him.

We miss our dear Mack. Love big, hurt hard. We were taken by surprise at the aggressive cancer diagnosis at his young age. In 1 week he went from being fine, to us needing to say good-bye. We consider it a blessing he was not in pain long. Dr. Bonnie and the rest of UW Vet Hospital staff were excellent.

We carry the memories of happy times with Mack . . .and appreciate he was part of our lives.
The Radke's